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Wednesday, September 10

My Sexy Beautiful Hair Secret

My hair is really dry and damaged from years of bleaching my hair blonde consistently. I need hair products that would give it extra shine and protection whenever I want my hair to look perfect and when I need to use heat styling tools.

Monday, June 30

Japanese Makeup Pic Spam Spring Summer 2014 Looks

It's been awhile since I posted some Japanese Magazine scans and I just needed to show you guys the current trend in Gyaru, Gal and just plain 'ol Japanese style makeup. It's confusing nowadays because there's a lot of misinformation as to what Gyaru makeup really is especially since they are now leaning towards a very minimal and natural look. 

Wednesday, October 19

Japanese hair and makeup tutorials

 My hair is now light ash blonde :) Goodbye brassy hair!(for now lol!) pics to ff, sorry I've been really busy with something. Promise to update you about it once its all set! It's gonna be awesome! <3

Click on the pics to enlarge the size.

Wednesday, August 31

Mode Gyaru look

For those who have corporate jobs but still interested in japanese fashion...You can opt for the more mature/highfashion Mode gyaru look.

Make-up tutorial from Happienuts Sept 2011 issue :) click on the pics to expand the size

Dramatic eyes and neutral-bold colored lips dominate this season for japanese mode look.

Thursday, August 25

Easy high bun video tutorial and hairstyle pics

Hi guys! I finally uploaded a tutorial I shot weeks ago(before I had my root touch-up) so you can see my dark roots in all their full glory!

My friend Cheska who's a med student needed cute updo ideas and I think this would be suited for her since its fast and easy to do. I've also added pictures of more hairstyle ideas below! enjoy!

Saturday, August 20

purple lashes pink eyeshadow - girly asian look

My look for friday night- I wanted something fun and girly. What really set  this apart from my regular make-up routine is the purple and black lashes(from landmark less than 50php).

Again I must warn you this is camwhore pic heavy go to the next page if you're up for it!

Monday, August 8

Desert Queen Video Tutorial! :)

Hurrah! My first ever video tutorial! :) My own take on the desert head scarf  trend. I edited my photo to give myself some color!(I'm too pale!)

Friday, August 5

How to pull off that mode scarf/fashion look

This is me pretending to look highfashion ;)

Camwhore photos up ahead! do not enter if my face annoys you!  

Thursday, August 4

Hairstyle tutorials time!

I wish my hair was extra long! it takes so much patience to grow them. It's hard to find extensions that match my haircolor and I find the thought of having to put then on everyday tiring!(not to mention uncomfortable considering the weather here).

Click on the pictures for larger size.

Wednesday, August 3

DIY fur hat and fur booties tutorial

I know I live in a tropical country but sometimes I can't help but envy the fall/winter trends from japan. It's not really practical to buy stuff you don't always get to wear(typhoon/rainy season only lol!)

Now you can swagger like Jagger/Joplin and rock the fur accessories triend without breaking the bank! :)

With a few supplies from the fabric store, some needle and thread- you can rock the furry hat/boots look that are so hip during fall/winter season!

Thursday, July 28

Friday, July 22

face contouring tutorial

This tutorial will guide you through the basics of highlighting and contouring the face to add that extra oomph to your makeup look!

I posted a basic picture tutorial by the beautiful ulzzang pony :) Aside from the japanese gyaru look I also really dig the more natural toned down ulzzang look of the koreans.

Tiring day! will post about Etude house make-up later or tomorrow :)

Tuesday, July 19

Grecian/flapper up 'do and no-heat vintage curls!!!

I came across this awesome tutorial and tried it lastnight. I actually liked it when it was tied up around the elastic headband more. It looked like I had an a shorter wavy hairstyle (no haircut necessary!) anyway here are some pictures I took. I think this hairstyle is easier to do on shorter hair but its not so bad with long hair either(just needs a lot of patience!

For a step by step guide on how to get this hairstyle check out the video at the bottom of the page! :)

*note= styles/outcome vary depending on hair type/length and cut