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Beauty in a bottle! My Sappe Beauti Drink Review

I must admit I am a huge fan of beauty and health supplements so when I saw these pretty bottles at a convenience store near my workplace. I immediate bought two to try them out.  I’ve tried the other variants since then. It’s nice to be able to veer away from the usual sodas and sweetened teas and try something delicious and beneficial to your health and skin for once.

Packed with beautifying nutrients, it’s a refreshing way to stay young and fit, even when you’re on the go!

Beauti Drink Collagen – 1,000mg
The Collagen Formula: Contains 1,000 milligrams of Grade a Collagen, extracted from deep sea fish. The Collagen is imported from Japan, a country known to be one of the best sources of Collagen.

Tightens Hair Follicle
Prevents Osteoporosis
Increases skin moisture and elasticity

Beauti Drink Fibre with L-Carnitine – 8,000mg
The Fiber Formula: Contains 8,000 milligrams of Fiber, equivalent to Fiber extracted from 8 Oranges or 2 pomelos. This formula helps the large intestine function better and is especially suited for those with bowel movement problems. It is also recommended for those who are worried about weight gain. The formula helps flatten the belly. Results can usually be seen within 2 hours after drinking, depending on the health of the consumer. The ingredients include L-Carnitine, which helps burn fat without having to exercise.

Burns Fat
Helps Build Muscles
Helps promote metabolism

Beauti Drink Glutathione – 100mg
The L- Glutathione Formula: Contains 100 milligrams of Glutathione extracted from Pine Barks and Vitamin E. This formula helps protect you from the radicals of the sun and helps control skin pigmentation, making your skin brighter and lighter. It is recommended for those who like fair skin.

Whitens skin
Protects skin from sun and pollution
Promotes reproduction of new cells for healthier skin

Beauti Drink Berry Bright – Goji berry extract and Lutein
Beauti Drink Berry Bright: For anyone who want to maintain eye health and good eyesight, SAPPE Beauti drink Berry bright, which contain Goji berry extract, Lutein, also high source of Vitamin A, C, E, B2, B6, Folate, Niacin. As Goji berry are a powerful antioxidant and eat Goji berry on a daily basis notice improved eyesight and stronger immune function. Lutein is called a carotenoid vitamin. It is related to beta-carotene and vitamin A. also, sometime it’s called “the eye vitamin”, which use it to prevent eye diseases.

My Review
I am a huge fan of these health and beauty bottles! The Fiber variant is my usual go-to after a heavy meal since I don’t really eat a lot of vegetables and I need a lot of help in that department ;) I usually drink the Collagen or Glutathione variant at night before I sleep and the Berry Bright variant in the morning. 

I highly recommend these instead of the usual sugary juices or sodas because they not only taste good, they also have a lot of benefits for the skin and health. 

Two thumbs up for me!

Sappe Beauti Drink "the beauty you can drink"

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This is a sponsored post but just to be clear, I have been drinking this stuff since I saw their cute bottles at a convenience store near my office.  I was so stoked when they asked me to review their products because I actually buy these on a regular basis!

Disclaimer: This is a paid review/feature

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