Monday, August 8

Desert Queen Video Tutorial! :)

Hurrah! My first ever video tutorial! :) My own take on the desert head scarf  trend. I edited my photo to give myself some color!(I'm too pale!)

here's the video!!!

So many style options to choose from!


The one shown here is a thin scarf/shawl I never thought I'd use! ( I wasn't really into ethnic/native prints before). I salvaged it from my sister's throw away items before she moved away.


Contouring is a must! Lipstick is actually darker burgundy it just shows up lighter because of the bright light.


Another option in my video if you're too lazy to continue with the other steps!

See how pale I am!?! I wanted to look more sunkissed and exotic that's why I photoshopped the other pics hahaha!

After filming the video and changing to sleepwear, I decided it was a waste of good makeup to wash it off immediately. If you want to see me and my attempt at lipsynching click play (don't watch if you hate lipsynch videos)

my inner dragqueen came out of hiding...hahaha!  not sure if this is fit for public viewing but here ya go anyhoo! =p

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Hope you enjoyed it! xx