Wednesday, August 3

DIY fur hat and fur booties tutorial

I know I live in a tropical country but sometimes I can't help but envy the fall/winter trends from japan. It's not really practical to buy stuff you don't always get to wear(typhoon/rainy season only lol!)

Now you can swagger like Jagger/Joplin and rock the fur accessories triend without breaking the bank! :)

With a few supplies from the fabric store, some needle and thread- you can rock the furry hat/boots look that are so hip during fall/winter season!

Whether it's a rockin' fur cap

**Super cute Yapo  looking fierce in fur and brown docs!!!

**Glamorous Cindy Tang in her cap and fur booties!

I've got the solution for you!

The instructions are pretty simple so you shouldn't have much trouble following them. To those lazy bees like can opt not to sew them and use fabric glue instead..(for those in the Philippines it's available in national bookstores) it's waterproof /washproof so no need to worry about your hat falling apart after washing! :)

-To begin grab your measuring tape. The kind that works best is the loose kind that fashion designers use.
-Measure around your head by wrapping the tape around and meeting the two ends and mark where the ends meet.
-Now measure from the top of your head down to see how far down you would like the sides of your hat to go. You probably at least want it to go halfway down your ears.
- For the top of the hat find something circular that matches the size of the top of your head. A dinner plate usually works for this. When you find the matching size, take your plate and place it on your chosen fur. Draw and cut your circle out of the fur. Repeat this for the lining.

- Take the measurements from earlier and draw out the dimensions on your fur and your lining. Cut these pieces out. You should now have a total of 4 pieces of fabric; two of the fur and two of the lining.

-Pin the front of the rectangular pieces of fabric together. Do the same for the round pieces.

-Take your round pieces and sew around leaving a small hole open; Pull right-side out through this hole.
-Take your rectangular pinned pieces of fabric and sew three of the sides, leaving one of the long sides un-sewn; Pull right-side out.

-Sew your round piece (lining facing you) to your rectangular strip (along the un-sewn side).
-Turn the entire hat inside out. You should only see fur now and the lining should now be in the inside of the hat.

-optional can add braided strings, attach pom poms! or just the pompoms at the side for extra kawaii effect  xx

Finished! :) now put on your hat and makeup....time to camwhore!!! ;)

Now onto the fur booties! I found a dummy-proof  ** illustration on how to do

**disclaimer- I do not own the rights to these photos