Hi! My name is Angel and I blog about beauty, fashion, my life and everything under the sun. I have super awesome readers that have stuck with me for the past 6 years.

Aside from makeup, I am a skincare and anti-aging fanatic. I wasn't born with great skin and it took me a lot to get to this point to be honest. I used to go to med school so I'm privy to the science of skincare and the physiology of the skin. I always make sure to check product claims if they are backed by science since I work in the beauty industry and well aware of how product marketing works.

I am a huge fan and advocate of non-invasive laser/skin treatments. Here are some of the skin treatments I've featured on this blog.

To know more about me and why I blog you can read this very personal post I wrote when I first started this blog 6 years ago. Ugly photos inside if you need some dirt :p

You can also see my beauty/style transformation in this post 


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