Thursday, August 25

Easy high bun video tutorial and hairstyle pics

Hi guys! I finally uploaded a tutorial I shot weeks ago(before I had my root touch-up) so you can see my dark roots in all their full glory!

My friend Cheska who's a med student needed cute updo ideas and I think this would be suited for her since its fast and easy to do. I've also added pictures of more hairstyle ideas below! enjoy!

Yep I'm not wearing makeup again hehehe! The lighting is better this time around though.

Click on the pictures to expand the size!!!

This looks so gorgeous and is very easy to do! I tried it awhile ago. I dunno if I need to film a tutorial for this since its pretty easy to do on your own.

I'll post more video tutorials and a makeup tutorial soon! Been quite busy lately with my applications.

That's all for today folks!!! xx