Friday, August 5

How to pull off that mode scarf/fashion look

This is me pretending to look highfashion ;)

Camwhore photos up ahead! do not enter if my face annoys you!  

I kinda wanted to go for an ena matsumoto/momoko ogihara sophisticated hair and make-up.

 For a more detailed step by step tutorial got to Mitsu's site here

 How to pull off a Mode look*

I think the important elements in mode/a highfashion look are clean silhouettes, neutral or color block schemes in terms of color.

Clothing material is also very important to consider here- stay away from printed cotton, cutesey light floral prints, girly cardigans and sweater. Animal prints though are very much welcome!

Structure and fit must also be considered so you really have to invest in well-made pieces that suit your body type.Also try to balance the fit of your pieces...(ex. fitting top with relaxed fit pants, or loose top with tights etc! to maintain a clean silhouette)

High heels/sleek looking boots is a must! If you want to wear wedges- choose the structured-modern looking ones with clean lines to maintain that clean highfashion look.

Now on to the makeup part!  Emphasize the eyes using dark smokey colors, winged eyeliner and false eyelashes.

I am such a novice at false eyelashes! urgh!

For the lips you can opt for nude colors or bold colors according to preference. Momoko likes to sport red lips in some of her photos for a vampy sophisticated flair.

Contouring the face is also important! Define your facial angles and make your bone structure pop! (check my previous post on how to contour it properly!) ;)

Confidence is a must to give off an air of sophistication and maturity!

This is me trying too hard and looking constipated! lol!

Hope this helps! xx

Have a great weekend everyone! :)