Saturday, August 20

purple lashes pink eyeshadow - girly asian look

My look for friday night- I wanted something fun and girly. What really set  this apart from my regular make-up routine is the purple and black lashes(from landmark less than 50php).

Again I must warn you this is camwhore pic heavy go to the next page if you're up for it!

 The lashes looked scary-long and dragqueen-ish from the case. And they're definitely not subtle so I had to make sure I had liquid liner and eyeshadow on.

The eyeshadow that I used was a pink and peach one from Saizen since I think they'd complement the purple color of the lashes.

Use the peach one all over the lid up to the hollow part of the socket then use the hot pink one to define the crease. I used paul and joe eyeshadow primer before applying the eyeshadow to make sure these colors would pop.

My skin has been misbehaving recently so Etude house precious minerals all day strong bb cream in sheer glowing skin variant(whew!) really helped cover my flaws and then I set it with makeup forever duo matte powder.

Pic of me without make-up. Check-out my eyebags!!!....see the huge difference!?!  

I don't have a light bluish pink blush aside from the cheap careline duo I bought before so I used that one for my cheeks. Pretty chalky though really have to blend it well.

For the lips I wanted a peachy nude shade so I used nyx round lipstick in pumpkin pie.

 I used the gold shadow from etude house line nuance duo to highlight the inner corners of my eyes and make them look more wide-set.


That's pretty much it!!!  
Have a great weekend everyone!!! xx

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