My life in pictures

Jul 24, 2016

It's been awhile since I posted anything personal on this blog because nothing could be more interesting than reading about some bimbo blogger's daily activities right? :s Anyway if that intro didn't turn you away then I hope my low-res phone photos won't because this isn't going to be some pretentious lifestyle shiz because I'm me and idgaf.  My life is messy and completely mediocre.

6 Things You Must Do to Make Your First Date Amazing

Jul 21, 2016

No one feels relaxed getting ready for the first date. Even having a solid experience in charming people, you will be little nervous and tense. That is the norm, you know. People and circumstances have never been perfect. But are there any tricks to triumph over your fears? Sure. Today, with the help of the Jump4Love dating site where you can find dating profiles of beautiful ukrainian girls, we prepared a short guide on how to show your best qualities and enchant your love interest from the very beginning. 

Finding Love in the 21st Century

Jul 17, 2016

Being single nowadays can be a quite daunting and liberating. Daunting in a sense that there are too many fishes in ocean and the options of meeting new people can be overwhelming and intimidating for some. It can be quite liberating too knowing that your options of finding the right match is now in your hands and not subject to the mercies of convention and traditions that plague your parents in their days. 

Kylie Lip Gloss in Like Review

Jul 10, 2016

I'm back with another Kylie Cosmetics Review of their Lip Gloss in Like. Now before I fell in love with matte liquid lipstick or matte lipsticks, there was my obession with glosses. Sticky, flavored and plumping lip glosses from any brand I could get my hands on. This review is sort of a homecoming for me and reuniting with an old love has never felt this good.