Gluta Essentials Enhanced Glutathione Review

Aug 29, 2016

I'm no stranger when it comes to Glutathione pills because I've tried a number of them already for my blog (some I didn't even bother featuring here due to dubious claims, lackluster or poor results). Today I'm reviewing this new BFAD-approved brand called Gluta Essentials after finishing one bottle of it (30 capsules).

Jord Wood Watches

Aug 16, 2016

Got time to spare? Today I will be featuring the Purple Heart and Plum Watch from Jord Wood Watches. This watch is a part of their Frankie Series collection. 

My Fave Beauty Products Under 500

Aug 3, 2016

I love splurging on beauty products! The more unique and difficult it is to acquire, you bet I am spending my moolah on that shiz in a minute! (then eat convenience store food for the rest of the week #TrueStory ) I get such a high from discovering affordable beauty products that work just as well as their expensive counterparts and here are my tried-and-tested favorites!

My life in pictures

Jul 24, 2016

It's been awhile since I posted anything personal on this blog because nothing could be more interesting than reading about some bimbo blogger's daily activities right? :s Anyway if that intro didn't turn you away then I hope my low-res phone photos won't because this isn't going to be some pretentious lifestyle shiz because I'm me and idgaf.  My life is messy and completely mediocre.