Friday, February 17

How to Land and Keep a Job in the Beauty Industry

My blog is a hobby, I've been doing Marketing work for beauty brands in the Philippines for quite awhile now. It is definitely a dream job if you're a beauty junkie like me and it is not impossible to get into. I had no related work experience before getting into the biz and you can do it too!

Here's the deal, if you think a career in beauty is for you then here are 7 tips to help you get started and thrive in your dream career:

Friday, February 10

ItsJudyTime in Manila

One of the perks of working in the beauty industry is you get access to the hottest products and events in the metro. It was a fun work day for me and the Pixi Philippines (Glamourbox) team as we collaborated with Mommy Mundo for the ItsJudyTime Pixi Palette Launch and Meet and Greet.

Saturday, February 4

BeautyBackstagePh : The Ultimate Makeup Shopping Party

You know what's even better than shopping for makeup!?! Shopping for makeup with Gretch and my fave beauty junkies under one roof! That is exactly what happened at the Beauty Backstage Event.

Wednesday, February 1

Belo Essentials AcnePro Pimple Treatment System: An Acne solution that actually works!

Some of you guys might not know this but I've had my fair share of Acne troubles. I understand how difficult it is to see those pesky bumps not go away even after trying a myriad of acne-fighting products.