May 24, 2015

PH338 Glutathione Review

Today I will be dishing the deets about this well-known and well-loved Japanese Glutathione brand PH338.  This is one of the Japanese brands that started the whole oral Glutathione craze and while newer and more innovative formulations have come out the question remains whether this product still remains relevant and lives up to its promise of rosy white skin.

Apr 25, 2015

Hello world meet dork face Pinkoolaid

It's finally time to post random stuff about my life because you know- being a blogger turns you into an annoying self-absorbed %$&*!   :s

Apr 20, 2015

Belo Underarm Whitening Products Review

Do you have a problem with your underarms? I can relate to that. Back when I hadn't gotten laser hair removal yet, they would always get irritated whenever I pluck or shave and I would always get chicken skin whenever I waxed. But not everyone has access to it and there are certain skin types that are really prone to pigmentation. I was pretty thrilled when I was given these Belo Underarm whitening products for review which promises to take care of the modern Filipina's undearm skin woes. Lighter, Smoother underarms with Belo Essentials? Yes Please!!! 

Apr 2, 2015

CP-1 Hair Treatment Review

My hair has been bleached constantly for almost 4 years now and I have learned the value of investing in quality hair products and hair repair treatments from salons to keep it healthy and manageable. I was very excited to try this cult hair treatment product from Korea available at Serrymall :)


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