Beauty in a bottle! My Sappe Beauti Drink Review

Nov 10, 2015

I must admit I am a huge fan of beauty and health supplements so when I saw these pretty bottles at a convenience store near my workplace. I immediate bought two to try them out.  I’ve tried the other variants since then. It’s nice to be able to veer away from the usual sodas and sweetened teas and try something delicious and beneficial to your health and skin for once.

Irresistible Me Hair Extensions Review

Oct 31, 2015

For those of you who bleach/dye their hair frequently. Growing thick and long hair is nearly impossible so we turn to the next best thing which is hair extensions and I cannot rave enough about this brand of human hair extensions I just tried!

How To Select The Perfect Prom Dress

Oct 23, 2015

Whether your teen is in search of classy prom dresses or tight prom dresses, knowing the best methods for making a selection is important. Parents who are placing an emphasis on finding an affordable prom dress would also do well to consult the following list of helpful hints and tips. 

Banggood Online Shop

Oct 20, 2015

BANG BANG BANG!! Today I am featuring this awesome online shop called  Banggood online shop is not only a shop for clothes, bags and shoes, they also have health and beauty products, jewelry and more! They have mostly everything you need. It is not a supermarket but a super online shop!

I would like to introduce some goods for you from this website. The weather is getting cold recently, you might want the gorgeous dark green coat pictured above Winter Double Breasted Wool Slim Warm Long Coat