Tuesday, September 12


Are you there world? It's me again, your resident blonde bimbo blogger. Life has been pretty rocky lately. I wish I could just gloss it over and pretend that everything is picture perfect like my Instagram feed but it's really not.

Sunday, September 3


91 pounds of meat, bones and blood.
A question.
We claw, knead and pinch at the sides.
There is too much flesh
to contain the vacuum.

Sunday, August 27

Picoway Treatment Review

Pigmentation, rough skin, fine lines and large pores? Say hello to flawless skin with this new laser treatment that works 5 times faster than Revlite. Today I am sharing my Picoway Laser Treatment experience at Clarence Slimming and Dermatology Centre.

Monday, August 21

My Signature Scent

Chloe Eau De Parfum

I'm quite fickle when it comes to scents. Working for a beauty company that sells a myriad of perfume brands leaves me spoilt for choice. I tend to always gravitate towards a bottle of this however and I remember that it was love-at-first-spritz when I tried this at the perfume counter years ago.