Saturday, April 22

5 Reasons Why J.Cat Beauty Is One Of The Coolest New Makeup Brands in the Philippines

There has long been a void for fun, glittery and colorful makeup for those who want to look glam and gorgeous without breaking the bank. Now you can find all the colorful, shimmery and glittery goodness all under one uber-cute roof! For all the makeup kittens out there, this one's for you!

Here are my top 5 reasons why you should check out J.Cat Beauty STAT!

Tuesday, April 4

The Experts Weight In : How To Avoid Cheap-Looking Makeup

It doesn't matter how much you spend on foundation or lipstick, there are some things to avoid to prevent getting that tacky-looking budget-store look. I asked 3 top Professional Makeup Artists on what makes makeup look cheap and here's what they think!

Friday, March 17

Saturday, March 4

Easy SEO Tips For Your Blog

I'm no SEO expert but I know a thing or two about SEO from more digitally savvy friends in the industry. Upgrade your blogging game with simple tips and tricks to make your blog content easier to find online.

Here's how!