Friday, October 11

Gyaru Tips

Want to try Gyaru Fashion and Makeup in the Philippines? Here's some useful tips I wish someone told me  about while I was starting out ;) 


1.) Research- Read up! immerse yourself in the history, the different the styles and trends of Gyaru. Japanese magazine scans are an invaluable resource. Check out the helpful tutorials on Youtube like this one from Anz . Gyaru is very diverse and there's enough room to suit everyone's taste- from the extremely dramatic/elaborate such as Yamanba, Hime, Agejo/Kyabajo to a more toned down Mode, Otona Gyaru etc. Find a style that suits you best! ;) Not sure what kind of look you are going for? don't fret! according to MitsuGyarus/girls in Japan don't really bother so much with labels why should you? but please don't forget this really crucial and basic fact that alot of people get mixed up - GYARU AND ULZZANG ARE COMPLETELY DIFFERENT STYLES OK!?! Please stop labeling yourself as Gyaru Ulzzang because there is no such thing! WTF! Ulzzang originates from Korea and its main concept is to show a simple/natural "best" face while Gyaru is from Japan and tends to be more elaborate and decorative.

2.) Practice- I can remember how difficult and frustrating it was for me when I was learning how to apply false eyelashes. Don't get me started on lower lashes/underlashes! pffft! Practice makes perfect! get a quick-dry eyelash glue such as the one from Faceshop but don't use it so much on expensive lashes since it is so hard to remove and it eventually destroys them! Duo clear lash glue is good for your more expensive lashes if you don't have the Dolly Wink glue.

3.) Find support- Girl-world can be mean and cruel, one needs like-minded friends who are into the same shit as you! Reach out and never hesitate to ask for help from people. I did! and now now they're really good friends of mine. I also have to warn you to watch your back though, not everyone has the same intentions as you so it's best to be careful when dealing with total strangers (I learned this lesson the hard way so I'm sorry if I don't go out of my way to befriend anyone outside my circle, it's nothing personal)

4.) Ignore the haters!- as much as possible, avoid labeling yourself as Gyaru. Doing so is an open invitation for people to criticize your efforts. Just ignore, do your best and always try to improve your look. Avoid cesspools of hate and jealousy like Gyaru secrets and some Gyaru forums where most trolls lurk. Nothing good will ever come from it!

5.) Buy abroad/online- for Gyaru/Japanese makeup brands local re-sellers sell makeup/lashes at a higher cost due to shipping/customes charges etc. (sometimes almost double the price!!!). Buy abroad/from foreign online stores if you can (Sasa, taobao etc.) You can also buy Gyaru clothing brands online although I wouldn't suggest this if you're on a budget since you can buy cheaper/imitation styles from local online stores,   thriftshop, bazaars etc. If you've got the moolah, Mitsu also has a very helpful guide on how to buy Gyaru brand clothes online. No credit card? No problem! Unionbank and BPI has a prepaid Visa and Mastercard that you can use for online shopping. Take note that shopping from foreign online stores take time though unless you use expedited shipping (usually less than a month depending on how lazy the local post/customs office are) so patience is a virtue! 

6.) Local stores- For local cosmetic stores/brands there's Etude House for cutesy stuff (not really a Gyaru brand though), Beauty Bar carries Japanese brands now and Saizen is a goldmine for lashes btw! ;) For local online resellers, I love Miss Abby Rosacia of Geisha's Secret, and Japanichi <3

7.) Beware of Fake cosmetics!- they might contain chemicals that are harmful to your skin/eyes! Beware of fake Gyaru makeup being sold online also. Buy from reputable sellers! Do your research. I've noticed recently that there are alot of FAKE DOLLY WINK products going around and it's not just the liners anymore!  BEWARE!!! These are probably made in China and imagine what chemicals they use! If they can put melamine on baby milk what more on cosmetics right!?! Don't sell yourself short! And shame on those who sell fake products!!! No wonder they sell them so cheap! (even cheaper than actual Dolly Wink price in Japan) it's because they're fucking fake!

8.) False Eyelashes- A very important part of the transformation process (lol) Find one that suits your eye shape and comfortable enough for daily wear. I've found that Gyaru/Japanese brand lashes are more durable hence they make a better investment in the long run, plus their lower lashes sit/look better on your eyes as opposed to those 10 in a box generic lashes. I have a Dolly Wink pair that has lasted for a year plus and counting so it was definitely a good investment.
Saizen Lashes

9.) Circle lens- Check your skin tone and find a color that suits you best and the color pattern is good enough for daytime wear. Some circle lenses look too fake/dramatic for daytime use. Make sure they are comfortable enough for long term use also. Buy from reputable sources! You don't want to damage your eyes from  defective lenses! Always moisten your eyes with eye drops constantly and also before applying and removing the lenses to avoid tears/scratches on your cornea.
Do! Ifairy Cara Brown (cept for the lower lash part lol)
Don't! Kimchi Bambi Pink (Unless you want to look like a lizard/demon and scare people around you! hahaha!)

10.) Monolids? - Use eyelid tape! Most Gyaru models use them! Even those with eye folds already! (Sayoko!) They can change your eye shape dramatically depending on what kind you use.  Saizen, Tony Moly and Etude house sell eyelid tape but they're pretty obvious and difficult to apply. Microfiber eyelid tape is better and less obvious but they're not available here so you need to buy them online (Sasa, ebay etc.).

11.) Skincare- even if you're still young, now is the time to invest in a really good skincare regimen and use SPF. Japanese girls are very diligent with their skincare routine and that is why they look younger than their age. Be mindful about certain brands which are cheap but only contain fillers/light reflectors, do your research! How you care for your skin in your twenties will show when you hit your 40's. Once you find a regiment that works well for you, you will find that you don't need to use so much makeup to cover up imperfections. Also, Gyaru makeup can be abusive to the delicate eye area- tugging of the lashes, eyelid tape etc. so it is very important to use a good eye cream to prevent premature wrinkles!!! Beauty has to be holistic to a good diet really helps alot! Supplementation is a really good idea also!!! Nothing beats a skin complexion that glows with health!

Hope this helps! xx

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