Saturday, October 22

The power of Gyaru makeup

 More below!!!

The thing that draws me towards Gyaru makeup is its ability to totally "transform" your look.

Ulzzang is great but not everyone is born with picture-perfect features. Thank goodness there's Gyaru makeup that transforms plain janes to super kawaii looking dolls!!!

It has something to do with how the makeup style focuses on creating larger looking dolly eyes. It flatters anyone(As long as you don't go overboard and look drag-ish) The trick is to apply false eyelashes(upper and lower) and use circle lenses to give a dramatic dolly eyed look.

To illustrate the transformational power of Gyaru makeup :

 Especially this one below! WOW! (my favorite makeup tutorial)



Oh and another thing! Gyaru/Gal models usually use eyelid tape to create a crease on their eyes(for monolids) or to make their eyes look larger/deep set like what Sayoko usually does. I highly recommend using Micro fiber eyelid tape instead of the regular ones.

Sayoko without makeup and lenses

With Gyaru makeup, lashes and lenses

Wanna know what she looks like without meiku????

Super gorgeous waaaah!!!!

She looks like a normal human person after all( I still love and admire you forever Lie-chan)

My gyaru transformation

From this....
What I normally look like on days without Gyaru makeup, circle lens and wig ( unedited photo as of April 18, 2013)

To this!!!


If you're not so happy about your looks, there are ways to improve yourself without resorting to surgery(and trolling/hating on others). Gyaru style makeup is one of them!!! It takes alot of effort and practice but the end results are definitely worth it!!!

Wishing you guys the best!!!