Saturday, September 1

I.Fairy Cara Brown Lens Review

 It's pretty hard to come by non Geo/Eos and Dueba lenses from local online shops. Thank god there's Japanese Candy to the rescue! They have a wide variety of lenses and their service is pretty awesome. I got my Kimchi Bambi Pink from there also <3

I'm pretty much over circle lenses with thick black limbal rings and lately I've gotten bored with my Puffy 3 Tones lenses so I decided to search the web for lenses with a larger diameter but with a thinner outer ring. These lenses from I.fairy are awesome! 


5/5 Color- I love the mixture of the warm brown color with green and some black specks on the outer corners. It gives a cat eye effect without looking freakish during daytime

5/5 Vibrancy- Very vibrant

5/5 Design- Very unique design from what's out in the market right now. 

2/5 Comfort- Not very comfy. I think the bambi's are more comfortable than these but oh well! The vain don't complain

4/5 Diameter/Enlargement- At 15mm they give sufficient enlargement without looking freaky if you're not into wearing lashes and all. Some lenses with very thick limbal rings look freaky without lashes.They look larger IRL

Overall Take
I wore these during an 8 hour work period and its freaking cold in the office. They really dried out my eyes so much that I had to use eye drops numerous times during the day. They're not really at par with the comfort level of the 15mm Bambies but I really love this design so I will still wear them (probably not as much though).

No Flash
With Flash
 Close up shot of the lens

Click on the image to expand the size

Some camwhore pics because yeah...I'm vain like that! hahaha!

That's all folks! xx