Thursday, May 10

Kimchi Bambi Pink Lenses Review aka My Freaky Dicky lenses!


Color: Very vibrant and bright! Not for the faint of heart. They remind me of the Cullen's eyes in Twilight for some reason. I don't think you can wear these on regular days. They tend to look scary/freaky. If only they toned down the yellow ring and made it dark brown instead. It would have looked more normal but oh well!
Comfort: Very comfortable wear even for its diameter
Diameter 15mm
Price Php 500

Overall take
I bought these lenses thinking they'll be like my Super Nudy Pinks but boy was I wrong! These are freaky dicky lenses! Not for everyday use! Hahaha! Will I repurchase? Probably not! The color payoff is great but it just looks too strong/freaky to be honest. It looks sorta ok in pictures but trust me, you wouldn't want to meet someone wearing this in a dark alley!

 Bunny teeth!

Btw you can purchase these lenses from Japanese Candy :) I am so glad they sell other lenses apart from Geo, most circle lense sellers here only carry Geo and EOS!

Hope this helps! xx