Tuesday, March 5

BN Micro Fiber Eyelid Tape Review Clear Variant

I kept seeing this brand being used in Gyaru magazines so I decided to get one for myself when the chance came. 
I never had a problem with my eyelids to be honest, I just got curious because of Sayoko. She has eye folds too and yet she uses microfiber eyelid tape to enhance/change her eye shape. This is the second eyelid tape I've  tried, the first was from Saizen and I didn't really like it so much.

Product photo

What's inside

Close up of the eyelid tape

No eyelid tape

With eyelid tape

No tape

With tape

Unstreched eyelid tape on upper outer corner (not visible once properly applied since it's double sided but you can see its not shiny/noticeable even when placed like this) You can stretch the tape if you like also depending on what shape you are going for ;) 

What it looks like once it is in place (not visible see? just a thin crease above the eyelid!) 

Instruction leaflet in Japanese

How to position tape ( I usually place mine far up to create a larger crease)

Description (from the web)
  • BN Micro Fiber Eyelid Tape, Clear renders you a pair of big charming eyes! Always Envy those babes with Double eyelids, ENVY NO MORE! You can have it NOW!! It is Suitable for Sensitive Eyes too!! 
  • high-quality ultra-thin transparent tape
  • High adhesive tape to keep the double eyelid while resisting water or sweat all day long
  • Immerse fitting at deep concave of double eyelid
  • Adopted comfortable medical tape
  • No restriction for make up 
  • Easy to use, suitable for all ladies & even Beginners!!


  • Relatively easy to use (no need for tweezers since the metallic edge allows you to position the tape without ruining its adherence, you just cut off both edges once you're done)
  • Invisible
  • Can be used under eye makeup
  • Can reshape the eyes and create small to bigger folds
  • Stretchable
  • Double sided  tape
  • Medical grade tape (won't irritate the skin)
  • Has a free practice pack!
  • No. 1 in Cosme beauty awards 

  • Not available locally (mine is from HK but Sasa sells them too)

Overall Take
I'm not really an eyelid tape expert but these are practically idiot-proof! Just make sure you use it before applying base/eye makeup for it to last longer. I love love this product! It allows me to reshape my eye folds in any way that I want without resorting to surgery. That is why Micro fiber is way more awesome that regular eyelid tape. With regular eyelid tape you are usually stuck with one eye shape but this is more flexible and it is not visible/obvious at all. I fooled my bros who are so prone to trolling me when I do my makeup experiments! hahaha! If you want bigger/deep set eyes then these are definitely for you! ;) 

Here's a bonus Sayoko eye makeup tutorial from Nuts November 2012 issue! ;) I still need a lot of practice to shape my eyes the way that she does but I am getting there!!! 

A must buy!!!! :)

Hope this helps! xx