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Diet and fitness tips part 2

Sorry I just couldn't resist the cheesy cover photo (no matter how I say it, talking about health and fitness is never fun so let's add some ONJ fabulousness into it shall we? :p

3 months ago I would've laughed at myself and never thought I'd be writing this blog entry. I'm the laziest person I know- I'm a homebody, a couch potato and I've never been the sporty/athletic type. I spend most of my time sleeping, eating and surfing the internet :s

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Back then, I tried the worse methods to stay skinny- appetite suppressants, diet teas, pills, starvation diet & throwing up my food. I also tried going to the gym consistently for about a year or so but then I lost the drive because I hated the monotony, the people and the stupid gym music.

But you know what really helped me stay skinny even before I started exercising? I eat healthy and NO I don't mean the-I-eat-rabbit-food-only kind of healthy shiz (no way man! I'm a carnivore!) I don't even do those stupid cleanses. I eat a well-balanced, satisfying, unprocessed home cooked meal.  For those of you who are curious about my non diet-diet go here. (I'm Asian so rice is an important part of my meal all the time) The focus is more on the quality and not the quantity of food that I eat. I feel full and satisfied after eating a hearty meal and I don't feel hungry for a longer period of time.

I don't deprive myself of things that I love (Donuts, chocolate and ice cream) but I don't indulge as often either. I think it all boils down to changing your mindset about health and your body. It's not really a strict regimen or discipline but a state of mind. When you get to that state of mind, eating healthy and avoiding fast food, processed or junk food becomes easier. I decided I wanted to eat healthy when my boyfriend's parents both got Cancer. I decided I was going to reduce my sugar intake to set a good example for my Dad (Diabetes runs in my family). Your reasons to stay fit and healthy has to go beyond pure vanity so that you will be able to stay motivated and disciplined no matter what. Of course I want to look skinny and have abs but that's not the only reason why I do it.

I started exercising to be honest because of my parents (I needed to find something for them to do to keep them healthy) and I stumbled across the power walking videos which are a godsend and I went from there. Since I love good food also, I am motivated to exercise more so I don't need to deprive myself of the richer stuff. I don't understand those people who go to the gym all the time and eat very small quantities of food. Exercise so you can eat well! (don't be a glutton though :p )

Some people opt for those high intensity cardio workouts that hurt like hell and then eventually they get lazy and stop because it's not really sustainable esp if you have a busy lifestyle. It's hard to keep doing something that you hate especially if it hurts like hell all the time- you eventually dread doing it and stop. I prefer a low-med intensity workout that I can do everyday and have fun doing it. I have been doing these exercises for around 2 months now and I still enjoy doing them because I don't feel like I'm dying after the end of each workout. Instead- I feel energized and happy and I am getting the results that I want without killing myself over it. Leslie Sansone is an amazing instructor you guys! I love her!

Too lazy to gym? Can't afford to go to one? or maybe you might be socially awkward/anti-social like me? You have no excuse! Here's a bunch of videos that I've been doing everyday and you can do this at home too no matter how out of shape you are! No one's judging you!

 I hate jogging/running (I never touched the treadmill when I went to the gym before) I never want to get those muscle-y/bulky legs than some runners tend to have so power walking is just the thing for me plus it's a total body workout!. You can start with the 1 mile power walk if you're sedentary like I was and the arm workout 5 times a week and then when it becomes too easy for you can switch to the 2 mile power walk and add the other targeted exercises little by little as you go along.I do the other targeted exercises every other day. Do these consistently 5-6 times a week and you should be able to see results in a month (esp if you couple it with with a healthy diet) The ab workout took me two weeks to be able to do them all properly to be honest so don't get discouraged if you're not able to complete the whole set initially. Just keep trying and trying ;) Just go at your own pace and you don't need to do all of these at once.

I am not a fitness expert ok :p  I'm just sharing with you guys what worked for me since you guys have been asking me about it through comments/email.

Here's a look into my weekly exercise routine (I sometimes get lazy and rest during Wednesdays or Saturdays though) Sunday is a Sabbath day for me so I don't exercise/work during Sunday.

M, W, F-  2 mile power walk , arms, abs
T, TH, Sat- 2 mile  power walk, arms, legs, (back exercise when I'm not lazy wc I usually am  lol )

It's important to set realistic expectations when it comes to your body. It's easier to get inspired by fit people or celebrities with the same body type and height as you so stop staring at that Victoria's Secret model because if you're Asian/Petite like me,  you are never going to have a body like that ok. People have different body types and metabolism so it is best not to get discouraged if you are not getting the results you want immediately. Persistence and patience is the key ;)

Here's some Kylie Minogue realness for inspiration ;)

Goodluck! xx

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