Thursday, February 13

Diet + Exercise = Me!?!

I confess...I've never been the type to exercise regularly. I'm quite lazy but now I seriously want to look more toned and fit as opposed to just being skinny.

I've recently started exercising with my mom and pops so it's nothing intense or anything. Just something to help with their heart and to help me tone up a bit. I seriously want abs man! So I've started doing something about that too :)))) (lets see if I can keep up with it because I usually get lazy after a couple of weeks or so)

My diet usually consists of
Meat (all kinds even fatty portions) + red rice + veggies
Herbal Tea (lots of it)
I usually snack on sweet potatoes and fruit (Donuts, junkfood and pastries are for weekends only, we're not allowed to keep any in the house bec of my dad)

Anyway I don't really have an appropriate photo to go with the title or anything so I decided to use this photo of me instead :)))) 

Me doing a generic fashion blogger pose (I think I look constipated here) :p 

This is more me to be honest hahahaha :p 

Anyway for those of you who are quite out of shape and want to tone up at home. You might want to try what I'm doing also. Trust me! It's fun and super easy to do and you can adjust the intensity as you go along. 

It's called Power Walking (this is a low-intensity full body workout that even your parents and gramps can do) It's fun! and you will definitely feel better afterwards! Endorphins man!  I love how the instructor teaches. She is so perky, non-intimidating and looks like your average mom next door.

For beginners, start with 1 mile.

then 2 miles

then 3 miles!

You can supplement this with more targeted exercised for certain body parts but these are really good on its own also. I don't really like running, venturing outside or going to the gym (I get paranoid around people sometimes) :s  I don't fancy muscle-y bulky legs, I just want to look thin and toned so Power Walking at home is the perfect solution for me! :)

Oh and btw have you guys seen HBO's True Detective?
Watch it! It's brilliant! and I really really love Matthew McConaughey lately! 

I can't get this song out of my head

How about you guys? Any plans to get fit for spring/summer? 

Happy Valentine's day btw! I love you guys! :) 
I'm heading out of town for the weekend! hurrah! 

John 3:18
Let us not love with words or speech but with actions and in truth.

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