Tuesday, March 18

Hello darlings

It's time for another one of those posts where I show you a bunch of pictures with accompanying tidbits about my day to day life. Mix in a few random brain farts here and there to make things a bit more interesting and try to disguise the fact that there is nothing much going on really. I'm probably just as bored as you are right now sitting in front of the computer eating junkfood and checking out random shiz on the internet :s 

I would like to dedicate this post to my one and only true love - J.CO Donuts!!! Seriously guys! I will almost trade my soul for a lifetime supply of these noms! (almost) If you live in the Philippines and you've passed by one of their branches, most of you guys are probably deterred by the crazy long lines just to get a box or a piece of heaven but not me!!! I seriously love you J.CO donuts!  I wish you can do something about the lines though :(((

Nightingale Bird Poop Soap and Mask! Weee! How fun, gross and interesting! This is apparently a famous beauty treatment in Japan because....well Japanese people are weird that way but brilliant! hahaha! I was sent these for review purposes and I will be posting about them very soon! You may buy them here :)

My first attempt at nail art using my first set of nail art brushes! I don't think I'll be painting any nail masterpieces like Anhy anytime soon though :))))

I love snacking on seasonal fruits and I am psyched that Star Apples are in season! Woohooo! (yes you are allowed to roll your eyes now :p )

My dad recently celebrated his birthday and me being the evil daughter that I am got him a cake for his birthday but I ended up eating most of it anyway because told him he shouldn't eat so much... because you know he's getting old and it's bad for his health but I really just wanted more cake for myself to be honest :)))

 It's been awhile since I posted cat pics....so here you go. Asha my pretty Ragdoll and Eno the Evil cat (he's actually a sweetheart, he just looks pissed most of the time when I take his photos lol)

 This is me the night before a date. (follow me on Instagram already! it's where I post photos like these you guys!!!)

Tadah!!!!  Transformation complete!!!

I snapped a photo of me and my bf while he was trying to nap behind me :)))

Yes he is still alive and well, we are doing much better now! I've finally let him out of the basement! >=)))

So apparently the etch-n-sketch thing I've got going on here is called Dermatographic urticaria :s

I will be posting photos of my bikini shoot sponsored by Eazyfashion soon and I am kinda anxious/apprehensive about it since i'll be showing more skin on this blog than I'm used to but I'm pretty excited about it also so anyway watch out for that! It was really funny when my brothers shot me because they were giving me directions like suck in your stomach, stick your butt out, arch you back and the like since I am flat as a board and I needed to fake some curves to avoid looking like a malnourished waif. 

I have always been skinny, but I was never toned and my tummy always had that "rice pooch" :))) If you have been reading my blog for awhile now then I'm sure you know that I have been working out consistently for over a month so this shoot is a testament to what hard work and determination can do! I will post it for posterity's sake so that years from now when I am fat, pregnant or have kids I can look back at this one shining moment of my shallow existence when I actually sorta looked hot and had flat abs. I had been eating "healthy" (I never starve myself ok! starving is for losers) a week prior to the shoot and when it was done I immediately treated myself to a giant bowl of my fave Yushoken ramen and a box of J.CO donuts hahahaha!  

The bimbo onslaught is over... 

Here's a playlist to make it worth your while :p  

That's all folks! xx

I'd love to hear from you guys! 
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