Tuesday, April 1

Hello Kitty Around The World

Hello Kitty brings you closer to iconic sights from popular international destinations with new merchandise from Hello Kitty around the World!

Now, you don’t even have to set a single foot outside the country to have a full globe-trotting experience as Hello Kitty brings you along with her as she travels to famous landmarks and cultural sights from all around the world with their new collection: Hello Kitty Around The World. 

Their cute and adorable merchandise will give you the distinct feeling of transporting away into a different country as Hello Kitty dresses up in various national costumes from Europe, American, and Asian destinations such as Paris, Italy, London, Japan, New York, Germany, etc. 

Plus, Hello Kitty visits popular tourism sights such as the Buckingham Palace in London, the Eiffel Tower in Paris, the famous canals and gondolas in Venice, Italy, among others.
 Avid collectors and fans of Sanrio® are sure to have the time of their life as they can choose from a variety of items such as plush dolls, tumblers, mugs, stainless tumblers, bag tags, pins, refrigerator magnets, eco bags, and water bottles – all adorned with original Hello Kitty Around The World designs.

 Hello Kitty: Around The World is a glimpse and illustration of Hello Kitty’s worldwide appeal by having Hello Kitty with her family & friends go to different scenic locations in London, New York, Italy, Russia, Germany, and Paris. This also shows how adaptable Hello Kitty is with any type of culture with her cute Globetrotter image that kids of all ages and in all parts of the world will love and appreciate. 

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