Wednesday, October 30

Blogging and Photoshop - The Beauty and the Beast

Let's face it, we all edit/Photoshop our photos. In the world of beauty and fashion blogging, it is common... a necessity even. But how far is too far? Do we do it to enhance what is already there or do we Photoshop our real selves out of the picture? 

It's not just in the blogging world but in social media accounts also, with the advent of photo editing apps available for mobile phones, enhancing/doing photoshop surgery on your looks is as easy as one touch of a button!

Before and After Photoshop (some GIF's might take awhile to load)

There is a fine line between enhancing and doing Photoshop surgery on your looks. So why do we do it? Why do we perpetuate and buy into the lie?

We turn to blogs because these are supposedly "real" and relatable people- not the often alienating and idealistic world of beauty and fashion magazines but now the landscape seems to be changing.

I am ashamed to admit that I am guilty of this and I would like to come clean and admit that I do not look as perfect/flawless in real life as some might think (although I admit that my skin in real life is pretty good also) I have never been ashamed to show unaltered photos of my face on my blog, my Instagram and on product reviews. I also have awesome makeup transformation skills lolz (although still nowhere near Promise Phan level yet! love her!) 

I know alot of bloggers out there who Photoshop themselves until they are quite unrecognizable when you see them in real life and still don't admit to it. This post is not about shaming them who do it but to to question the values of society today and start a discussion. People put an utmost premium on looks, wealth and fame. Blogging has turned into a venue for marketing oneself and creating an idealized version for mass consumption. It is no longer just a place to share your thoughts/interests. Pretty faces and pictures draw in the biggest audience but to what extent do we as bloggers give in to that demand? 

Just a thought.

I'd love to hear from you guys! 
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