Tuesday, September 24

Dolly Wink Limited Edition Brown Lash Review

Dolly Wink 101 Feminine Chocolate and 103 Nudy Chocolate Review

My first pair of brown colored lashes from my favorite lash brand= Dolly Wink! :) 

101 Feminine Chocolate

103 Nudy Chocolate

Worn under natural light without flash

Worn with flash

Side view


  • Unique brown colored lashes 
  • Natural looking lash style
  • Comfortable
  • Flexible spine
  • Easy to use/apply

  • Limited edition 
  • Dolly Wink not available in the Philippines 
  • Expensive if bought online locally Php 930 each

Overall Take

I feel very lucky to have gotten a pair of these since I've heard these are sold out in other countries already. If you've been reading my blog since before then you should know by now how much I love Dolly Wink lashes! They're so comfy, flexible and well made and yes they might be more expensive than other brands and quite fragile but nothing compares to the workmanship that goes into creating each strand. Cheaper/more generic lash brands tend to have shiny/plastic strands with blunt ends which Dolly Wink lashes don't have and they tend to have those stiff spines and aren't as comfortable. Anyway, different strokes for different folks! (this is just my personal preference anyway) I just really love that they came out with these brown colored ones so I can finally get to have my own pair! These are good if you want a lighter eye makeup look and you don't want to use black eyeliner and black lashes.  

Will I repurchase these lashes? Probably not since I have them already and I want to try other Dolly Wink lash designs and products <3

FYI I am actually wearing Dolly Wink lashes (in different designs/styles) in almost all of my posts in this blog.
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Bought these brown lashes (only pair sold) from my trusted Dolly Wink seller Miss Abby of Geisha's Secret  (beware there's alot of fake Dolly Wink products going around in the Philippines nowadays ugh! if it costs Php700 below then that's probably fake, normal SRP of DW products is around Php 600- 700+ (depending on the item) so I can't imagine why anyone would sell it without a profit margin.

Have a great day peeps! xx

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