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Mac Heaux Lipstick Review

Mac Heaux Lipstick Review from Riri Hearts Mac Lipstick Collection

I am so happy that I was able to get my hands on one of these sold out limited edition lipstick from Rihanna's collaboration with Mac. It's not available in Mac Philippines' counters I think (I bought mine online). Heaux comes in Mac's Retro Matte formula which promises rich matte pigment in a long lasting and transfer-proof formulation.

Product info from Mac
Colour plus texture for the lips that made M·A·C famous. A trio of limited-edition shades created by Rihanna, all in Retro Matte finishes - the cool red of RiRi Woo, the vivid lavender of RiRi Boy and the matte berry of Heaux.

Heaux lipstick bullet with Rihanna's signature etched on the side

Swatch under natural light

Me videocamwhoring my new favorite lipstick :)))  (watch if you haven't seen it on my Instagram account yet)


  • Very pigmented and opaque color
  • Super long lasting
  • Rich berry hue will flatter most skintones 
  • Very unique shade
  • Blue undertone makes teeth appear whiter

  • Very hard to get a hold of (Exclusively available online and currently sold out at the Mac website)
  • Very matte/dry formula (will emphasize any cracks/lines on your lips and will tug the skin upon application)
  • Limited edition waaah!!!!!

Overall Take
Lately I've been obsessing over rich plums, wine and berry colored lipstick since they work better on my skintone and current style. I really can't pull off bright reds so much and I really prefer either nudes or dark lipcolors as opposed to vibrant shades right now. Heaux is the most beautiful rich berry red shade I have ever tried so far when it comes to matte lipcolors. I am so inlove with this shade and I love how it flatters most skintones, from Rihanna's (dark) to mine (fair) and even my mom's (medium). This shade was part of Mac's summer collection but this is also perfect for fall/winter.

This lipstick is very pigmented and its retro matte formula will ensure that once you put it on it will last you for hours and hours without the need to re-apply as much. I've worn this during dinner time without having the need to re-apply after my meal. Lasting power aside, Mac's Retro Matte formulation can be very drying to the lips. You need to moisturize your lips thoroughly at night and exfoliate prior to application since it will highlight every crack, line and dry patches on your lips. Since I was able to moisturize and exfoliate my lips properly before application...comfort-wise my lips did not feel as awfully dry as it usually does when I wear matte lipsticks but after a couple of hours or so (4 hours) I was itching to use my lipbalm already but refrained because I love this lipcolor so much I am willing to sacrifice comfort over beauty! Tiis Ganda! :)))

Will I repurchase this? Yes if I can still get my hands on it (I wish they would make this color part of their permanent range)

Have you tried any of the shades from the Riri loves Mac Collection? :) Share your thoughts/photos below! <3

*UPDATE: MAC will release a new Rihanna holiday collection by October 3. Are you excited? I am!  Let's hope they have more stocks this time! More about it here

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