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How I Maintain My Bleached Hair

I've had bleached hair for 6 years now and today I'm spilling the beans on my tried-and-tested tips on how to keep it looking healthy and manageable.

First things first, when you get your hair bleached, it will never be like normal healthy hair again. It will require extra care and maintenance to keep it from looking frizzy and dead. Here are some of my top tips on how I survived bleached hair for so long without sporting frizzy, damaged or orange looking strands.

Professional Double/triple process

(My current hair color usually starts with a super dark gray shade with a dark root balayage. The color fades to ash brown, then to a medium ash blonde shade like the one below in a span of months)

DIY bleaching can be very damaging to your strands. One thing I have learned from years of trial and error is to leave it to the experts at bleaching your strands. That being said, not all salons are good with bleach and sometimes crazy expensive ones aren't a guarantee that they're good at handling bleach either. I've heard horror stories about this celebrity hair stylist who ruined people's hair and charges exorbitant prices. If you can't afford to get it done professionally, try not to double or triple process in one day. Do it gradually to avoid damaging your hair too much. Do your research and get someone to help you do it.

For those who are curious about where I get mine done, I only trust Jo Tubato of Azta Salon Eastwood with my hair. FYI I am not paid or sponsored by them but he just gets me and knows how to keep my hair from getting more damage from the bleach. I had really horrible bleach jobs before and I even got chemical burns from an inexperienced salon applying bleach directly to my scalp. One thing I've noticed that Jo does is to double or triple process the bleach so my hair never gets brassy anymore. Please avoid doing this at home because this will ruin your hair in the long term.

Avoid the roots

(Current hair color with 5 months hair growth)

Tell your colorist to avoid applying bleach directly on your roots since it will irritate your scalp and will thin out your hair in the long run. I learned this lesson the hard way. I always prefer a dark root/balayage application to make the grow out look more natural. I can stretch my bleach job for as long as 6 months before I need it retouched since the grow out looks more like an ombre. Again, this requires an expert at balayage application. 

Less frequent washing

Skip washing/shampooing your hair everyday. This will strip it of its much needed natural oils to keep your scalp healthy. Use a dry shampoo instead or use conditioner in between shampoos.

Sulfate-free haircare

Use sulfate-free shampoo to prevent your hair color from fading faster. It's also milder and better for your hair and scalp.

Purple shampoo

I hate having brassy bleached strands. I use purple shampoo once or 2x a week to keep the cool tones intact. I mostly use Clairol Shimmer Lights and I get it online from RainbowheadPH

Quality hair treatments and products

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Invest in hair treatments and products that repair damaged hair. Currently loving and using these two from Aveda.

Hair supplements

I swear by Fish oil, biotin, zinc and collagen supplements. A healthy diet helps a lot too!

Avoid brushing hair when wet and minimize heat styling

As much as possible, avoid using heat styling tools. If you need to dry your hair, use an electric fan instead. If you must use a heat styling tool, use one with temperature control settings so you can adjust it to a lower heat setting.

Tangle Teezer!

I barely brush my hair but at times when I need to look presentable.. Tangle Teezer makes it easier to detangle my messy strands and minimizes breakage.

Just remember that bleaching black/brown hair requires extra maintenance and care. It is a high maintenance style so you need to be prepared and well informed before taking the plunge! ;) Best of luck!

That's all folks! xx

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