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Dermal Fillers Review

One of the downsides to losing weight or being on the skinny side as we get older is losing so much facial fat or volume which can lead to facial hollows, wrinkles and fine lines. These can be corrected via non-invasive options such as Laser, RF treatments, Botox or Dermal Filler injections.

Dermal fillers are one of the most common non-invasive treatments in correcting fine-lines, facial hollows, for skin or lip plumping and correcting facial asymmetry. What makes it so attractive compared to other treatments out there is that the results are instantaneous, there is little to no downtime and the results last for up to 1-2 years or 5-9 years depending on the brand of filler used. For more info on how they work, the risks and the types of fillers out there you may read this.

Botox is also another popular non-invasive option and works just as fast but the results usually last for 4-6 months only and it cannot correct lines caused by loss of volume and hollowness. Botox and fillers are best used in tandem for those with very deep lines and creases to correct static and dynamic wrinkles. Don't forget to check out my Botox experience in the past to know more about it.

Dynamic Wrinkles are formed due to constant movement and creasing when you make facial expressions. As we age, our skin losses the elasticity to spring back into shape and they now form static wrinkles. This can be treated with Botox for preventive and corrective measures.

Static Wrinkles are formed due to loss of volume, collagen or fat. These wrinkles are present even if we're not making facial expressions. These are wrinkles best treated with fillers.

Fillers work instantaneously and there is little to no downtime. There might be some slight bruising or swelling after. The swelling usually subsides after some hours or days while the bruising might take a week or so.

I lost a lot of weight recently and I am a notorious side sleeper. I noticed that I have more prominent lines on the sides of my nose or nasolabial folds which bothered me a lot. I also have a hyperactive chin which dimples a lot so I've decided to add fillers to that area too to balance it out and elongate my face a bit.

I had my fillers done by my bestie's older brother Dr. Bryan Buenaventura (I call him Kuya Bryan though) who does homeservice beauty treatments like the super popular Beauty Drip. I still get those done regularly and I've featured it on my blog before so do read up on that also. He has been doing this for years now and unlike some random stranger, I can definitely vouch for him. My close friends and readers have already tried his services too and are avid fans of his. Aside from the convenience of having it done at home, his prices are also way more affordable than most skin clinics.

You can reach him at 09228891776 or at 09151290583 Please note that there might be extra charges for areas beyond Quezon City.

Here are some of the treatments that he offers (Please note that prices here might slightly vary depending on the amount of product used and the prices indicated are from my 2015 post)

Glutathione push P800
Beauty drip single dose glutathione - P2000
Beauty Drip double dose glutathione - P2500 
Mesotherapy / body sculpture / lipo dissolve  10ml - P2500
Mesolift 10ml - P2500
Sclerotherapy  ( varicose vein ) P1000 min per session 
Botox / sweatox   P2000 per session (price varies depending on area to be treated)
Rf / cavitation min P500 per area
Derma roller
Slimming and weight gain
Human growth Hormone
Botox injections
Dermal Fillers P5000 per ml 
and more!

Anyway the proof is in the pictures, here are some of my before and after photos after getting dermal filler injections. I had dermal fillers done on my nasolabial folds and chin.

Before and after dermal fillers on the nasolabial folds and chin

Close-up look of my Nasolabial folds and chin dermal fillers. I have hyperactive muscles on my chin which causes it to contract/dimple whenever I talk or make facial expressions. Getting fillers on my chin corrected the minor asymmetry and dimpling.

Dermal Fillers Review 

As you can see the results are very natural and nobody really noticed the difference when I had them done until I pointed it out to my friends. The procedure involves needles so if you're afraid of them then this might not be for you. The pain was tolerable and if you're used to getting Botox or Laser treatments then this shouldn't be a biggie. It didn't really bother me that much. I experienced some slight bruising and swelling on the lower part of my chin for a week after the treatment. It wasn't really that bothersome or noticeable, it just looked like a darkened pimple spot which went away eventually.

As for aftercare, I was advised not to sleep on my side and to avoid making facial expressions for 1-2 days. It is actually advisable to sleep on your back if you want to avoid forming lines on the sides of your nose like I did.

If you're looking for a quick fix for fine lines and facial hollows then this is a very good option if you're not too keen on injecting botulinum toxin on your face. I highly recommend calling Dr. Bryan up if you're interested in getting this treatment. You're getting the expertise of a doctor for a fraction of the price at the comfort and privacy of your own home!

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Take care! xx

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