Sunday, July 23

July flies by

Just dropping by for a quick personal update for the month. All I can say is that July went by crazy fast. Time goes by so quickly when you're having fun or in my case..hella busy.

I don't think I'd be able to blog so much this August since my work schedule is preeetty packed but I am definitely excited about stuff we're cooking up at Club Clio Ph. If you're a K-beauty fan and you're not yet familiar with the brand then guuuurl grab your wallet, yo momma's and yo sister's and haul ass to our gorgeous flagship store on the 3rd floor of Trinoma! Trust're definitely gonna go crazy spending all your moolah!

I am so bad with saving money as you guys know already and here's some of the cute but totally useless stuff I've been spending on for the past month.

I bought 3 gorgeous earrings from Sweet Knots. The quality of the materials and craftsmanship is superb! I highly recommend this!

So in love with this skirt and flared plants I got from OffbeatAlley <3 They sell such gorgeous and unique pieces!

I upgraded my desktop to a faster gaming rig recently. I caught the gaming bug ever since my bro made me try his new pc and the Steam sale happened. I went crazy and bought the revamped Tomb Raider games, The Walking Dead games, Life is Strange and someone recently gave me Witcher 3 so yay!!! Goodbye world!

I got to learn new makeup tricks from two amazing makeup maestros thanks to Sleek Makeup Philippines: Rick Calderon and Anton Patdu. Follow these two and check out their work on Instagram guys!

I think I promised you guys I was going to do a review on the Samsung Galaxy S8+ from a blogger's perspective but to sum it up since I'm too lazy to do a separate is the shiz!!! The front camera is loaded with neat functions to help you get your selfiegame on point (face slimming, skin perfecting filter, eye enlargement and artsy filters) but my most fave feature of all is the pro- mode. It  helps me fine tune my phone camera settings to make it work like a mini SLR (ISO, shutter speed, white balance etc)

Check out this photo I took under super dim lighting during a cloudy day y'all. It still looks ok right?

Taken on a cloudy day also

With ring light

Taken with natural light

I got my monthly beauty drip from Kuya Bryan. I also had the filler on my left nasolabial fold retouched since that side is more sunken than the other side since I sleep on that side more often.

I just tried this  new laser treatment called Picoway which is an upgraded version of Revlite at Clarence (yep I went back there!..shout out to my fave dermatologist, the fab Dr Joan!) I will be blogging more about that soon also.

I had my hair bleached again at Azta by Jo as usual. We went for gray color again since it eventually fades to Ash blonde anyway but he added hints of blue to spice things up. I get to enjoy two colors in one go! I came prepared since I am so used to the long process by now. I brought my own snacks and made sure I ate a heavy meal beforehand since it takes hours for the process! 8 hours in this case to be exact to have my hair looking gorgeous like in the photo below. This time Jo did a new technique on my roots to make the dark root blend seamlessly with the bleach which is a combination of balayage on foils and back-combing technique.

How are you guys? Hope life has been treating you kind lately <3

That's all folks! Take care! xx

I'd love to hear from you guys!
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