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My Club Clio Must Haves

Beauty junkies rejoice! The hottest K-beauty brand is now in Manila! Not sure where to begin? No worries! I've had plenty of time to road test these products and here are some of my picks that you shouldn't miss out on!

Full disclosure and disclaimer, some of you may know that I am currently handling this brand but this is my unbiased and honest take on these products which I have road tested for quite awhile now. (Some I've been using ever since I got them from my trip to Korea and some of these I have bought with my own moolah) I have a rule on this blog that I need atleast 2 weeks of usage before I can write a review on a product.

Without further ado, here are the products that I have tried and highly recommend!

Clio Kill Cover Concealer (P820)

I used to love my Nars Concealer, ask any of my close friends whom I've badgered into trying it since it used to be my HG concealer, keyword here is used-to-be. This concealer is a lot better than the former by far. I already gave away mine so I can start using this already. Better coverage, longevity, ultra-thin and light texture plus waaay more affordable than Nars I might add. A tube cost only P820 bucks! Hurrah! Only downside to this bunch might be the shade selection since they run on the lighter side. I'm using shade #3 and they only have shades 2,3 and 4 for now.

Clio Kill Cover Highest Wear Pact (1450)

If you're looking for some coverage on a powder foundation then this is IT. I don't even need to use primer to cover up my pores since this does the job pretty well provided that I use a good buffing brush. What I love about it is that it doesn't oxidize on me even thought my skin is acidic. This is perfect for combination/oily skinned gals but those with dry skin might need to moisturize and prime their face thoroughly since this might highlight dry patches of skin if you don't exfoliate properly.

Clio Nudism Cushion  (P1650 with free refill)

When I first tried this cushion it was the heat of summer and I failed to set it with powder so my T-zone was so oily by the middle of the day. I almost gave up on it after using it that day but after seeing how good it looked on one of our artists, I decided to give it another shot. I set my T-zone with powder this time. I kid you not, one of my officemates asked if I had done a beauty drip recently (which I didn't) because my skin looked glowing! So I told her (Hi Maren!) I was only using the Nudism Cushion that day. If you're looking for a natural looking "your-skin-but-better" finish then I highly recommend this cushion! Set this with powder if you're on the oily side. Check out the unique honeycomb mesh in this cushion. It is supposed to keep the product and the moisture from evaporating. When you press your finger into the cushion (although I don't really recommend it for hygiene reasons), you can see beads of water/moisture form on the surface! 

Clio Mad Matte Lipstick Pink Flush (P750)

I have really dry lips so matte and liquid lipsticks are quite difficult for me to pull off. I saw Edward Avila review this on his channel and he was totally on the money on everything. The formula has some slip which makes it easy to apply and it's not as drying as Mac matte lipstick. The color usually fades after 4 hours of wear and I quote Ed on this " When they do, they fade with dignity" They leave a really light stain that doesn't look bad at all. Please watch his video and subscribe to his channel because he is so amazing <3 

Clio Virgin Kiss Tension Lip Oil Red Bomb (P750)

For days when I want some color and moisture, I go for this. This is pigmented and moisturizing and when it fades it leaves a slight stain on your lips. Unlike most glosses, this is non-sticky it has a really good doe foot applicator that gives you some precision when applying this on your lips. It comes in different shades and I am currently using Red bomb since it looks good with my skin tone. I used to wear a lot of neutral colors but ever since my trip to Korea I've been experimenting with more punchy/vivid shades.

Clio Pro Single Eyeshadow G10 Pearlfection (P450)

I love this shimmery glittery goodness! I use it alone or topped over any of my fave shadows to give my eyes some extra oomph especially on days when I need to look more awake and fresh. A lot of the guests were asking me what eye shadow I was wearing during the Club Clio launch. This is definitely a must buy!

Peripera Ink Tints (P450) 

(L-R- 5, 14 and 15

One of the reasons why I have stopped wearing nudes lately is because of these lip tints. I have found that orangey/coral shades look best with my skin tone and I haven't looked back. I love the fun packaging and the different formulations. My fave ones are the ink velvets since they don't dry out my lips despite the matte finish. It's so affordable too at P450 each!

Peripera Blur Pang Banana Milk Blur (P520)

This primer blurs out my pores and brightens up my skin tone. My skin has been pretty ok lately and this is perfect when I want to look flawless without wearing foundation. All I need is concealer on my problem areas and I'm good to go. This is also really good to wear under foundation/base products to prevent the color from oxidizing since it provides a barrier and has a slight tone-up effect

Peripera Milk Moist Lipbalm in Peach (P250)

I love this lipbalm! My fave used to be Carmex but this one takes the cake now since this moisturizes my lips so well but doesn't look as shiny. It's perfect for topping over drying matte lippies since it only has a slight sheen that doesn't ruin the velvet finish as much. Plus points for the delicious peach scent!

Goodal Keratina Anti-Aging Double Serum Light  (P1500)

"Contains Raspberry & natural seed oil, Keratina Anti Aging serum restores skin's natural bright tone and clarity. [Keratin Anti Aging effects] The serum improves skin's clarity by promoting the turnover of keratin,the outermost layer of skin, and makes skin look bright. [Dual effects of raspberry & seed oil] The double action of raspberry extract obtained at low temperature and natural seed oil(7:3 ratio) makes skin elastic and firm. [Lightly adhering moisture effect] Softly and lightly adhering moisture makes skin texture moisturized and smooth."

This product smells so good! You need to shake the product to mix the oil and water part. The logic behind the formulation is to mimic the natural composition of the skin. Our skin is made up of 70% water and 30% oil. The oil is necessary to trap the moisture and ensure proper absorption of the active ingredients of this product. Word of caution to those with very sensitive skin though, this might not be the product for you since it contains some fragrance.

How about you? Any faves? Which ones do you want to get your hands on? 

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