Saturday, May 6

Pinkoolaid is officially an adult... I think

It's another one of those random personal posts to let you guys in on my extremely boring and mediocre life. For those who don't know the real me then here's a crash course on what I'm like without filters. It's exhausting to act like a proper lady all the time and my true friends know that I'm ratchet to the core anyways :))) (You know who you are)

I left my old job at Glamourbox last January and was pleasantly surprised when I got offered a chance to work for Luxasia which was an unexpected but welcome opportunity. I am super stoked and happy that I gave it a shot! I'm learning a lot of new things and my boss and team mates are awesome. Beauty junkies get a lot of perks too working for one of the top beauty companies in Asia.

It's important to save up and invest your money wisely when you hit your thirties and I have been trying and desperately failing in that department. I was planning to start this year but I ended up buying expensive shit and splurging on things-I-don't-need-but-I-have-low-EQ-so-I-bought-that-shit-anyways :)))

Oooh and I got to travel to Korea for work!!! Whaaaaaat!?! hahaha! It was such an sudden and unexpected trip and I got to meet new people and visit our stores in Korea. Watch out Philippines! Club Clio is launching soon and the products are freakin' fantastic! I should probably do a separate post on my Korea trip some other time when I'm not too busy.

This year I decided to truly work on my faith and better myself on the inside because I look good on the outside already trololol! Lord knows I need a lot of help dealing with a ton of issues and traumas in the past. I joined a Christian discipleship group recently and it's exciting and I get to meet awesome ladies who share the same interests as me :s

I am getting the new Samsung Galaxy S8+ soon! (this coming Tuesday to be exact) Thank you Globe! I can't wait to try out its awesome phone camera! I should probably do a review from a bimbo blogger's point-of-view no? We really just want to know how flattering the front and back camera is for talking selfies tbh :)))

I still haven't gotten a new kitty and I want one so bad like some women want to have babies. I am probably never having kids because I'm me and I love felines more than tiny humans. Sign me up as a future crazy cat lady in the making :)))

In the tradition of all my rambling and random posts- I end it with pictures of my 2 kitties! It's been crazy hot this summer so they're both sporting lioncuts this season! <3

That's all folks! xx

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