Friday, April 28

How To Keep A Cool Head During Summer

The season of tropical getaways and lounging by the beach is upon us and I couldn't be more thrilled to change into my summer wardrobe! What I don't like about summer in the Philippines however is the intense heat and humidity that goes with it! My hair ends up looking greasy and lifeless Not to mention, these seasonal elements really gives your scalp a work out- causing things such as sweat, itch and dandruff. All of which is a no no!

Lucky for me I found a way to Keep a cool head all summer long!

To stay cool and fresh all summer, you need to protect your scalp from the intense summer heat! The NEW Head and Shoulders Lemon Fresh Shampoo has a combination of advanced fragrance of refreshing lemon blasts for a strikingly fresh scent and a dual zinc action formula to deliver a fresh and clean feeling that lasts. I love how it’s refreshing fragrance lasts for hours despite the intense summer heat and humidity.
Did you know that Dandruff is caused by a microorganism that lives on everyone’s scalp? The waste it generates irritates ~50% of the global population. Heat and sweat can aggravate dandruff for who are already prone to the condition as they can trigger more microbial growth:

  • High heat and humidity makes it conducive for the microorganism to grow.
  • Heat makes the sebum or natural oil we produce on the scalp to be more fluid – causing it to spread more and get absorbed by the hair – causing the hair to be greasy and lay flat on the scalp.
  • To those who are sensitive to itch, that moment when you’re breaking a sweat can be an irritating experience as your sensors are heightened (which may be felt normally by non-dandruff sufferers).

Head and Shoulders treats dandruff symptoms (flakes and itch) by getting into the root cause of dandruff – which is killing the microorganism.

Don’t let the summer heat get you down! Stay fresh and cool all summer long with the NEW Head and Shoulders Lemon Fresh! #KeepACoolHead and stay up to 100% Dandruff Free and Itch Free all summer long

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