Thursday, October 6


Are you there world? It's me Angel (not Pinkoolaid)

I'm really not in the mood to post more reviews this week even though my backlog is piling up because I'm bored and tired. I have a full time job which requires me to reign in my crazy and tacky shiz so I need this space to just be "me". Most of the posts that I'm particularly fond of in this blog are the random brainfarts and personal stuff I used to post way back when I had the time to. Time is such a luxury when you're getting older and becoming a more responsible adult. Along with it comes stress and anxiety from dealing with a lot of things that comes with adulting. Did I mention that I have acid reflux to show for it? Ugh!

I've survived for almost a month now...3 weeks + to be exact eating mostly healthy alkaline food and no red meat at all. My diet consists of eating stuff not worth living for in order for me to live ironic is that? My only cheat meal of the weak is salmon sushi at this Japanese place near my work place.

Oh god I miss Lechon (roast pig), steak and all the other meaty and fatty stuff that give my life meaning. Deep down I am still a warm blooded carnivore forced to eat grass to survive.

I'll stop whining about that for now. The only upside to eating goat food is that my skin is extra awesome lately despite the lack of sleep and crippling anxiety that happens every time I think about all the stuff that I need to accomplish and it's always almost 12 midnight for me but I'm not able to sleep and I need to be up at 6 in the morning.

Welcome to my life. 

That's all folks! xx

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