Wednesday, October 12

Guinot Facial Treatment at Davids Salon Review

When the world is on your shoulders, when you don't get much sleep and you're getting older (hey that rhymes! lolz)  then there's only one thing left to do: take a short break, kiss your worries and cares away as you treat yourself to a pampering manicure, foot spa and facial treatment at one of the biggest salon chains in the country.

David's Salon has now brought professional facial and skin care brand Guinot Institut Paris to cater to its discerning clientele

A well-renowned industry leader, Guinot has been at the forefront of innovation and technique. They maintain the highest standards in the making and development of their products. To date, their carefully honed selection of products and treatments are carried in thousands of spas and salons around the globe. 

Their Galvanic Facial machine

My Review
I definitely needed this treat coming from a very hectic day at the office. The lovely staff of David's Salon Makati were very attentive and caring. The manicure and foot spa was a very welcome treat, perfect for capping off a long and tiring day. 

The Guinot Facial Treatment is a multi-step process beginning with an interview/assesment of your current skin condition so they can tailor-fit a regiment suited for your skin type and needs. To be honest I sort of dozed off a little during the treatment because it just felt so good and relaxing so I wasn't able to remember everything that was going on after they cleansed and exfoliated my skin. It was a wonderfully indulgent blur. At the end of it all my skin never looked as dewy, moisturized and glowing like a boiled egg white :))) (korean skin-like) 

If you're looking for a thoroughly indulgent and relaxing beauty pampering session, visit a David's Salon near you and ask about their Guinot Treatment. Trust me it really feels amazing. No pricking, no stinging. Just amazingly firm and glowing skin after. 

David's Salon carries Guinot Skincare products. I'm so giddy that I got to bring home their Micellar Water. 

They also carry complete line of hair care products. I love that they carry sulfate-free and paraben-free stuff since I'm not a huge fan of both.

Treat yourself! xx

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