Sunday, October 2

Trend Report: Multi-Braids

I work in the beauty industry and I blog about beauty and (sometimes) fashion. It is super important that I am up to date with the latest trends and incorporate them into my work. I'm pretty adventurous when it comes to my hairstyle and fashion choices and one of the latest trends that I'm digging is the multi-braids hairstyle I've discovered from "Off The Pages "

"OFF THE PAGES” is the newest platform for getting the latest updates on the hottest trends in beauty, fashion, lifestyle and so much more!

Here's my take on the Multi-braids.

This style is perfect for adventurous and trendy gals who are into street style and edgy looks. For more formal or special occasions where you need to look more feminine, you can also soften the multi-braids style and add a feminine feel by curling the hair and matching the style with a more girly outfit.

I'm pretty lucky that I can wear what I want and express my own sense of style at work since we don't have a strict corporate dress code. Donning multi-braids is no biggie since I can color and style my hair whichever way I choose. Since this style requires baring one side of my scalp, I needed to wash my hair thoroughly and keep it clean, grease and dandruff-free to avoid grossing people out. Did you know that itchiness and dryness are symptoms of scalp issues even without visible dandruff?

Scalp is made of skin too and taking care of it is just as important as taking good care of my skin to be able to have healthy hair.

Did you know that most people prioritize skin care and tend to neglect their scalp? Check out their responses:

  • 92% of people take the best care of their skin or hair over their scalp BUT only 8% of people take the best care their scalp!
  • Only 17% of people prioritize a healthy scalp, while 56% prioritize healthy-looking skin – what they don’t realize is that scalp is skin, too! And that a healthy scalp can help limit damage to hair resulting in more beautiful-looking hair.

I've been using the NEW Head and Shoulders with 3-Action Scalp-Care and it cleanses, protects and moisturizes my scalp and gives it the care it deserves.

Great hair starts with a healthy scalp. The NEW best ever Head and Shoulders has 8x smaller micro zinc particles that penetrate deeper into my scalp which cleanses, protects and moisturizes it. Great hair starts with a healthy scalp, after all!

Watch out for more videos on the hottest fashion and beauty trend from “OFF THE PAGES: Your access to turning the latest trends in to your own.

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