Sunday, April 26

Hello world meet dork face Pinkoolaid

It's finally time to post random stuff about my life because you know- being a blogger turns you into an annoying self-absorbed %$&*!   :s

Let's start with why I've been replying to your comments really late. I've been really busy with work lately and when I get home all I really want to do is this:

I've actually shot some stuff for my blog but being the lazy unambitious blogger than I am, I haven't bothered posting any of them yet. Anyway, if you haven't followed me on Instagram yet then DAMN GUUUrl it's about time you did! I think my life seems a bit more exciting there don't you think? bwahahaha! Lately I feel like I'm turning into one of those zombie-blogger types and I need to rectify that situation and prove to you that I'm far from going Vanilla PR machine on you peeps :s

But first I need to  ask- Have you tried Ofra Cosmetics? (yes the name sounds like jokla for Oprah) but their Liquid lipsticks are freaking amazing! If you haven't tried them yet then you must! It's like Lime Crime Velvetines but non-drying and super pigmented. Great color selection too! Get them here

Wearing Atlantic City

My favorite neon pink- Santa Monica

A couple of weeks ago, I got to host the VIP Party bus for Globe's Best of The Best KPOP Concert with Super Junior, Girls Generation, Red Velvet and BTOB performing. The winners got to meet and greet with the artists and were given full VIP treatment by Globe from their Kpub lunch all the way to the Philippine Arena.

I had so much fun with these guys! Thank you for making this gig a breeze <3 it was nice to meet all of you!

Anyway guess what! 
I finally took the initiative to fix my wonky teeth because my third molar came out and I need to do something about it before it gets worse. I can only smile at a certain angle actually  'coz the other half of my teeth is wonky.

I now look positively horrendous and dorky because I have braces (hence the weird first photo). If you're wondering what they are they're the ceramic self-ligating types made by Forestadent called Quicklear which is supposed to work faster than the regular ones so hurrah! no elastics and less trips to the dentist!  I will probably post a more detailed review about them later on. 

This is what they're supposed to look like:

On me :s ( it looks worse in real life to be honest but atleast they're not as obvious as the metal ones) 

So there, I probably need to figure out how to shoot shiz without my bulging mouth fugging it up too much. #tiisganda #nopainnogain

Bought the VS Bombshell perfume set for a steal on Ebay! ( I still love Ebay when it comes to bargains hahaha)

I need to end this post with food and my cats because I always need to close on a high note!

Mitsuyado Sei-men has an awesome cheese Tsukemen you need to try! (Cheese + ramen!?! pretty weird combo but hella good!) You also need to try their Ebi (shrimp) Tempura! 

Is it just me or does Tong Yang really suck!?! :s I tried their Jupiter St. branch and the only thing I really liked was the crab. Most of the food there was mediocre at best. 

I'd rather have the Crema de Zucca (cream+squash soup) from Cibo

I don't even mind lining up for Tim Ho Wan's pork buns <3

Minsok is still the best home-style Korean resto for me though.

Too pretty to eat- Strawberry Shortcake from Yamato Bakery Cafe 

I'm so happy I finally got to introduce the Tantanmen Ramen at Yushoken to my family <3

Anyway that's all for now because this little one demands my attention.

and Eno is pretty annoyed at my typing already. 

That's all folks! xx

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