Tuesday, April 21

Belo Underarm Whitening Products Review

Do you have a problem with your underarms? I can relate to that. Back when I hadn't gotten laser hair removal yet, they would always get irritated whenever I pluck or shave and I would always get chicken skin whenever I waxed. But not everyone has access to it and there are certain skin types that are really prone to pigmentation. I was pretty thrilled when I was given these Belo Underarm whitening products for review which promises to take care of the modern Filipina's undearm skin woes. Lighter, Smoother underarms with Belo Essentials? Yes Please!!! 

I road tested 3 of their products: 

Belo Beauty Deo in Spray and Roll-on Type
  • The BEAUTY DEO you love now dons a new design and is called “Original.”
  • 48-HourAnti-perspirant& Deodorant (NEW)
  • Whitens in as fast as seven days and controls darkening even before it starts
  • Effectively minimizes pores and smoothens underarm skin
  • Prevents redness and soothes skin after waxing, shaving or plucking
  • Anti-stain Formula (NEW)
  • Hypoallergenic and dermatologist tested
SRP P184.75 for the Spray type and SRP P92.75 for the Large Roll-on.

Belo Underarm Whitening Cream 

The perfect complement to the Beauty Deo:
  • Clinically-formulated to whiten at the cellular level in as fast as 14 days 
  • Whitens at the cellular level with Alpha Arbutinand HydroxyphenoxyPropionicAcid 
  • Prevents redness (erythema) caused by habitual plucking and shaving 
  • Lightweight and non-sticky 
  • Hypoallergenic and dermatologist-tested. 
  • Works best while you sleep 

SRP P349.75

My Review
First up is the Belo Beauty Deo. I love the new shower fresh scent! I usually have issues with most commercial deodorants irritating my pits and making them dark but I had no problems with either the roll-on or spray type. I prefer the spray type better though since it dries faster and my underarms feel so smooth and flawless after hahaha. I use the underarm whitening cream every night and I love the scent and how light and moisturizing it is. 

So did these products live up to its promise? To be honest they feel great on my underarms and did not darken them. They do feel smoother and seem to look more flawless. As for the lightening effect, my skin looks brighter upon application but I think I need to wait for atleast a month to really see a drastic difference. My armpits aren't really dark to begin with so I will just update this post if I notice a dramatic difference with regards to skin tone.

I recommend these products for those looking to improve the quality of their underarms. They did not darken my pits like most commercial deos do and they really improved the texture of my skin. For those with darker armpit problems I recommend permanent laser hair removal and these products to take care of it once and for all. Just remember that patience and consistency is the key for best results!

Thank you Belo Essentials for these #ANNEderarm products! I can has kili kili like Anne Curtis now <3 hehehe!

Check out http://www.beloessentials.ph/ for more info 

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