Sunday, May 24

PH338 Glutathione Review

Today I will be dishing the deets about this well-known and well-loved Japanese Glutathione brand PH338.  This is one of the Japanese brands that started the whole oral Glutathione craze and while newer and more innovative formulations have come out the question remains whether this product still remains relevant and lives up to its promise of rosy white skin.

Product info:

Contains 100mg pure glutathione
dosage: take 1 tablet of ph338 + 500mg Vitamin C AM, 2 Tablets ph338 + 500mg vitamin c PM. 30 minutes before or after meal.

Dermatological Use:
a) Ph338 Improves pigmentation of the skin such as melasma,scars, improper chemical peel and post chicken pox.
b) Ph338 helps the skin look smoother and achieve even color.
c) Ph338 is an anti oxidant and enhances liver function
d) Ph338 also helps cure diseases of the eye such as disorder of eyeball tissues,cornea, cataract and optic nerve.

I took this supplement with vitamin C for 30 days. 3 tablets a day so I was able to test this on a regular dose. 

I was able to see whiter and a more pinkish glow after 30 days. While its effects take longer to show than Snowcaps, I really liked how I was able to maintain my complexion and skintone despite going to the beach. 

Do I recommend this product? For those looking to have a pinkish white glow and don't mind the gradual effects then this product is for you. Other brands make you whiter faster but this one gives a more healthy pink undertone IMO.

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