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10 Pairs Natural Brown False Eyelash Review

10 Pairs Natural Looking Lengthening False Eyelash Brown Thick Long Trail Fake Eye Lash Review from Born Pretty Store 

Looking for affordable natural looking brown falsies? Check these out! ;) 

Brown lashes are really popular in Gyaru makeup and the Japanese beauty scene right now. What makes them special is that they give a more subtle dolly effect to the eyes and they look good with neutral colored makeup especially rose or pink brown tones which are very on trend right now. 

I got these lashes from Born Pretty Store, a trusted online store that sells a huge selection of super affordable cosmetics, makeup kits, tools, nail polish, nail art supplies, accessories and more!

These come in 10 pairs in a box and are made of thin brown plastic fibers attached to a flexible clear lash band.

USD $4.99

100% brand new
High quality
Material: Artificial Fiber
Quantity: 10 Pairs/Box
Color: Brown

Package Contents:
10 Pairs

Popular, high-quality, and soft handmade false eyelashes
Easy to use,it will look real and natural
With the natural false eyelashes your eyes will look bright and charming
These special natural false eyelashes provide instant glamour and delicate beauty in a subtle way

When worn


  • Light brown color for a softer eye makeup look
  • Natural feathery lash design
  • Comfortable wear
  • Flexible spine (easy to apply/use)
  • Excellent quality for its price
  • Value for money and very affordable $4.99 (10 pairs in a box)
  • Long lash band width is perfect for Gyaru eye makeup but can also be cut for a normal eye makeup look.

  • None

Overall Take
I am so in love with these brown lashes! To be honest I love this color and design more than my limited edition brown upper lashes from Dolly Wink since the design is more flattering to the eyes because of the longer lash fibers and these are so much easier to apply because the lash band is more flexible I think. They just look so feminine and pretty and I love how soft my eye makeup looks here. It is important to note that these lashes look better when used with brown liquid eyeliner instead of black since it enhances the brown color of the lashes more.

I highly recommend these lashes!!! I love them so much!

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Have a great day peeps! xx

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