Friday, January 24

Just because

In an attempt to convince you that there is a living-breathing human being behind this blog (and possibly a soul). I've decided to forego my usual blog reviews again and flood you with random photos, brain farts, and whatnot just because I can and you will probably read it anyway >=p 

FYI I just used sucky phone cam for these photos so expect some graininess and pixelation.

 Let's begin shall we?

 DIY Ghetto brush tree- because I'm too cheap and always broke to buy a real one :p 

Ludicrously expensive soap. DO NOT BUY if you have sensitive skin!!! It gave me rashes and acne!(I bought an authentic one ok) wtf!!!! will not bother to review this because it's a total waste of time and money :s 

Weapon of mass blackheads destruction from Daiso!!! I tried this on my brother and his screams of agony were pure music to my ears! mwahahaha!

 I wanted Vulcan-shaped eyebrows so I shaved most of my eyebrows off and drew them on instead. My mom was not too happy about this new "look" and was even more displeased when I told her this was going to be my "thing" from now on :))))  #Maleficentisahotb**ch

Because you know...being conventionally pretty is just sooo mainstream :))))  :p

This is my actual face without a shitload of makeup and circle lenses (check out my half-eyebrows lol, I must've wiped them off at some point during the day)  

My overgrown roots ootd

Or should I say OOTN? :p

Yep it's time to post some food photos just because I can 

And because I am an a**hole and I want you to feel hungry :p

You can't eat Twin Popsies without splitting it first!!! You JUST CAN'T!!! (childhood rule no.1) 

This dessert and most of the food didn't taste as good as it looks though! Not going back to Yakimix again :s

But I will definitely keep coming back to Chili's  for this

and at Yushoken  <3

To be honest I am going through something really difficult right now. I have learned to respond from a place of strength in faith and kindness because of God.This song captures everything I'm feeling.

That's all! Thankyouverymuchbow!!! xx

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