Tuesday, January 28

My Dirty Secret

I think it's time to fess up and let you guys know what I'm really like- you know...aside from being funny and fabulous :s

I confess, I really envy girls who look so put together, pretty and smell great all the time. I may look so girly and feminine in most of my blog pictures but I don't look like that everyday! especially not when I'm at home. 

I'm a slob....and most probably the worst kind.

I feel like I have dual personas, there's one who looks cute, feminine and girly- Pinkoolaid is that side of me. On the other hand- there's the normal everyday version of me when I am at home. the kind who hates taking a bath, wears her brother's ratty shirts and shorts when she runs out of stuff to wear to save on laundry and wages fart wars with them PS*I can tell which brother farted based on the smell of their fart.....gross right? :p

Here's the dirty truth 
(some gifs might take awhile to load)

My closet- I've already accepted the fact a long long time ago that my closet will never be immaculate and organized. Sure it might be neat for a short while when somebody bothers to tidy it up but it always goes back to it's natural state. There's a sort of organized chaos going on in there and although it takes me awhile to find something that I'm looking for, I kind of have an idea where it is anyway.

My makeup stash- brush, etc.  - I tend to scrimp on those organizer thingies that I probably really need so I end up losing some stuff and then finding them later on when they're gross and expired!

Personal hygiene- I rarely/almost never go out so I'm always too lazy to take a bathe. Yes I'm disgusting and at my worst I can go for 3-4 days without taking a shower if I don't have to go out. Although I hate taking baths, I am really obsessive when it comes to skincare and dental care though. One of my greatest fears in life is getting a root canal (my dad took up dentistry so I know how painful it is) so there's no way in hell I am going through that shiz! :s

Lounge wear- I usually wear my brother's ratty t-shirts and basketball shorts at home when I run out of clothes to wear (which happens all the time)

So anyway, here's my regular OOTD! hahaha! beat that fashionistas! :p

From this 

Represent yo!


To this!

I'm so cute I fart rainbows and stuff :p

Amazing right!?! :))) 

Eating habits- Ok, when I'm with people or on a date, I eat really slowly and demurely but when I'm at home with 2 grown boys, it's like you're watching a scene from the walking dead...let's leave it at that!

Apart from table manners, I am very adventurous (an understatement) when it comes to food. I don't mind eating the gross and scary stuff or street food. My exploits has landed me in the emergency room quite often :s

Oh and by the way....

I used to listen to a lot of Country Music way back in High School 

Hahaha! CMT was one of my fave music channels. So uncool right? This was my fave jam back then :s

This isn't really a dirty secret but this is another thing most of you guys might not know about me:
How I speak- before, people used to think I was pretentious or snobby because I only spoke English and  not Tagalog which is the language spoken in Manila and when I try to speak Tagalog or flub, people would laugh behind my back and make fun of me all the time but the truth is, *cue Annabelle Rama accent "Bisaya man gud ko Inday!" (I could only speak Bisaya dialect) I mean how am I supposed to be fluent in something I'm not naturally used to speaking right? Duh!!!!  t('.'t)

I've been living in Manila for around 12 years+ already so my Tagalog has improved so much. I'm also well-versed in jokla (local gay linggo) and drag speak :))))

Catch that dirt!!! ;)

How about you? How much of a slob are you? Any dirty secrets? ;)

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