Monday, January 20

My Hair Heroes

I used to put up with my severely dry and damaged bleached blond strands because I had no other option. I didn't want to go back to dark brown/black hair so I got used to the lifeless and dry quality of my hair day in and day out. I've tried numerous products and treatments. I even tried a 2k worth tub of useless premium hair mask that did not do squat for my hair :s 

I had to to resort to curling irons when I go out to mask the dried out ends and to give some life to my seemingly lifeless hair which in turn only made things worse and dried out my strands even more despite using a heat protect spray. 

Here's proof of how dry/damaged my hair was (left) prior to styling and using hair products (photo taken around Aug 2013):

My hair now (no hot iron/blow dryer used, no styling product used! I only used rollers for my bangs) 

Want to know how I revived my dull and damaged strands? Aside from getting some trimming done, I did it with these products!

Left (Thermo-protect cream) Right (Shampoo)

BC Color Freeze Sulfate-Free Shampoo 
Benefit: Gently cleanses hair and scalp and keeps long-lasting colour with 100% colour shine.
Application: Work into wet hair and rinse out.

This does not lather up as most shampoos but it maintained my ash tone for a really long time. 

BC Color Freeze Thermo-Protect Cream
Benefit: BC Color Freeze Thermo-Protect Cream provides optimal nutrition for coloured hair, even after use of extreme heat styling devices.
Application: apply onto towel-dried hair before using heat-styling tools. Do not rinse.

I use this a lot when I need to curl/style my hair using my curling iron (I only use it at 130 degree setting and not more than that, it is always best to use a curling iron with temperature control to minimize hair damage) and it's doing a really decent job so far. My hair looks "normal" and healthy. No dried out/sotanghon strands.

L-R: Masque, Shampoo and Conditioner

Keratin Infused
Moisture Shampoo
AVAILABLE IN: 10.1oz/300ml and 32oz/946ml
Don’t jeopardize your smooth, silky, gorgeous hair by using the wrong shampoo! Sulfate-free and sodium chloride-free, Keratin-Infused Moisture Shampoo gently cleanses your just-repaired tresses without stripping essential oils. This rich antioxidant and plant extract cocktail, boosts moisture, builds resilience, reduces static and smoothes strands. It’s fabulous for all hair types including color-treated hair and is recommended after all keratin treatments. (also sulfate-free)

This lathers up more than the BC Color Freeze shampoo and I use this when my hair is extra oily/greasy. 

Keratin Infused
Moisture Conditioner
AVAILABLE IN: .33oz Sachette, 10.1oz/300ml and 32oz/946ml
Just as taking vitamins in the morning makes you healthier, vitamins on your hair makes it healthier too! This conditioner contains a host of good-for-your-hair natural and organic ingredients, like pure naturally derived keratin, exotic oils, and virtually every vitamin you can imagine (A, E, D, Omega 3 and 6, and all the B’s), so your hair LOOKS as good as it FEELS (or is that the other way around?) It also resists environmental damage, increases elasticity (to reduce breakage) and rebuilds the hair. Great for color-treated and keratin treated hair.

This is my most favorite product among the bunch. This makes my hair so silky soft, smooth and manageable like no other conditioners and hair masks I've tried. This is a must try!

Keratin Infused
Deep Conditioning Masque
AVAILABLE IN: .33oz Sachette, 8oz/237ml,16 oz/473 ml and 32oz/946ml
Color services, blowdrying, hair-breaking brushing, the sun and hard water are just a few everyday stressors that wreak havoc on hair. Keratherapy’s Keratin Infused Deep Conditioning Masque is an intense conditioning treatment specifically formulated to reconstruct, repair, hydrate, strengthen and smooth hair. The result: dramatically shiny, silky, strong, luscious hair that can withstand whatever the harsh environment – or you – throw its way.

I don't use this as often as I should and it does a really good job of treating my hair but to be honest I prefer the conditioner more than this :)))

Overall take
I got these products during the Louis Kee event so I guess you can purchase them at most Louis Kee salons and other leading salons that carry Schwarzkopf products. The results totally floored me! Yep they do work and are worth every penny. I will definitely repurchase once I run out (I don't shampoo/wash my hair everyday FYI to maintain my ash color longer, I usually wash it 2-3x a week only) 

I don't use them all at the same time ok :)))  I usually go for the BC shampoo and the Keratin Conditioner combo for a week then I do the Keratin Moisture Shampoo and Conditioner combo the following week then I do the mask whenever I have the time. 

If you have dry/severely damaged strands then it might be time to consider treating your locks to any of these products! ;) I highly recommend them and will purchase them again once I run out!

Have a fabulous hair day! xxx

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