Monday, November 25

I still want to marry Nick Carter

or Devon Sawa (but that's an entirely different story altogether lol!)

You know the feeling when you want something so much your heart hurts? That's how I felt every time I saw Nick Carter or Taylor Hanson on TV ( *insert pimple-faced tomboy looking version of me right here) 
This is totally pointless post btw. Just me gushing about boy bands in the 90's-early 2000 so you can totally skip this if you're not into that shiz.

Nick Carter will you have my babies? bwahahaha!

A long time ago in a galaxy far away lived a little girl obsessed with MTV and boy bands. She watched everything on that channel even The Grind, MTV Classics and Singled Out while every second grader her age was watching cartoons. 

Take That was hotstuff back then and Gary Barlow was the only guy she wouldn't mind sharing her icecream with (Ok I lied, I also liked Robbie Williams and the rest of the members at that time lol) 

So hunky! waaah! 

The Backstreet Boys released a new song and music video recently and it definitely took me back to those times when I obsessed over these singing, dancing pretty boys. I miss those days! As cheesy and they were I think the boy bands back then definitely looked more manly in general and I dug the fact that most of them were older. 

LFO (RIP Rich) 

Hanson! (An exception to the manly rule! They were so adorable though!) 

Who could forget N'sync? They dominated with BSB for a long time.

Boyzone! Ronan Keating was my fave!

3T- my first crush on a black guy tbh TJ was just sooo gorgeous! (kilay pa lang pamatay na! :))))

Code Red! :)))

Anyway I'd always fantasize that I'd get to meet one of these guys someday and we'd fall in love, get married, make beautiful babies... happy every after and all that jazz like any other delusional teenager would hahaha!

Despite all the cheesy songs, tacky clothes and hair-These guys made awesome eye and ear candy though and I am forever grateful for that.

Take That nowadays (still sooo handsome!) 

Boyzone (RIP Stephen) 

Backstreet Boys Yep! I'd still definitely hit that! (cept AJ lolz)

<3 My destiny! bwahahaha!

I think I like Nick better than Justin now tbh Justin just annoys me now for some reason.

Like I said this is a totally pointless post dedicated to these boys I loved way before I was allowed to date :s I decided to make a collage like I used to back then. Thank God for the internet and photoshop! No more cutting up magazines and yucky glue! hahaha! Click to enlarge and feel free to download the full resolution image right here :

Here's a pretty comprehensive playlist of old boy bands (from the really famous BSB to those way before my time) I added some other cuties as well (Aaron Carter, Kavana, Gil and Peter Andre) 

Enjoy!  and you're welcome!!!  ;)

Some songs might not play while viewing this on mobile/in blogger, you may go here instead to view and listen to the entire playlist:

How about you?
Who was your boy band crush growing up or your current boy band crush?

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Take care!!! xx

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