Friday, November 22

Crystal Peridot Brown Lens Review

Looking for brown or green lenses with a subtle design and enlargement? These might be perfect for you! ;) 

I got these lenses from Red Jhelli General Merchandise (DTI registered ) they specialize in selling contact lenses in the Philippines. Presently, they are based in Cebu and their products are displayed at Dolled Up Makeup Studio and Supply (flagship store of Dollface Cosmetics) and sold online at 

SRP Php 600

Close up shot of the lenses

Close up shot of the lenses when worn


3/5 Color- The color is a blend between a brown and dark greenish color. Overall, it doesn't really look brown though.- more greenish brown as opposed to yellow brown. 

3/5 Vibrancy- Not as vibrant or bright as the ad photo

4/5 Design-  Very pretty subtle design with a natural looking color pattern

4/5 Comfort-  Very comfortable for its diameter.

4/5 Diameter/Enlargement- At 15mm they give sufficient enlargement although not as much as the Ifairy cara brown which has the same diameter but these are way more comfortable.

Overall Take

These lenses do not look like the ad photo to be honest, at first I was slightly disappointed since I am more into yellowy brown lenses with vibrant coloring but just like the Chapi Tea Color Brown lenses, I was pleasantly surprised by how nice they looked on me. These are perfect for those with light eye colors or for those who prefer a more natural looking green/brown eyes with some enlargement. It has a thin limbal ring so you're not going to look freaky with minimal eye makeup. Comfort wise, these aren't bad considering its 15mm diameter. You will need to moisten your eyes after an hour or so if you're in an airconditioned room.

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