Wednesday, November 13

PLEASE HELP Super Typhoon Haiyan Victims

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"Imagine the power of a tornado…. now think of the devastation a tsunami can bring….. now combine those two together! That’s pretty much what happened to the central part of the Philippines!"-  Vince Golangco read more about it here


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I admit my blog is a waste of space on the internet. I cringe when I reflect on how utterly self-absorbed and petty this is when people are starving and suffering here and abroad. 

I would like to spread the word to my readers abroad who are not aware of the plight of my countrymen.

We badly need your help! Every little bit counts! You may contact your local church/charities to see if they are doing anything about this or read up on how you can send donations to the Philippines. Please beware and make sure you send donations to reputable organizations as there are also crooks who take advantage of dire situations like this. 

Thanks and Take care! xx

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