Saturday, November 16

It Gets Better with Time

I was an awkward teenager. Growing up I battled acne, wore braces and I made questionable fashion and beauty choices but I never gave up on improving myself.

I managed to find a regimen that took care of my Acne and I had my braces removed for prom. Never had it put back so my teeth is still wonky.

I took risks and tried out different styles. There was a period where I worked out consistently so I lost the roundness in my face.

After experimenting with makeup and fashion. I was able to find a look that suited me best.

You could say I'm a late bloomer and I continually strive for self improvement.

See, some things get better over time. Never give up on trying to improve yourself and grow as a person ;) Surround yourself with loving and supportive people who will inspire you to be the person you want to be.

UPDATE: Adulting takes so much of my time so I have learned to simplify my look and beauty routine.

My Current look:

Take care! xx

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