Thursday, August 11

I was an ugly duckling

 No, I am not talking about that pretty kid in the yellow dress.(Me when I was 3 years old)

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Lets face it- we all have our awkward growing up stage when we feel so fugly it makes us want to cry. Whether it be a seemingly endless case of acne pustules, bad haircut, weight problems..etc.

I am not exempt from this...there are days when I feel so bloated/fat....(my face gets fat easily!) I just want to starve myself and envy those seemingly perfect models in fashion magazines.

Celebrities are not exempt from this too- lucky for them they have the power of cosmetic/surgical alteration at their disposal.

Even Gyaru Idol Tsubasa wasn't really born a natural beauty



It took me a really long time to accept how I look. Way back in highschool, I had a severe case of acne...I'm not talking about a pimple or two...I had lots of flare-ups all over my face! It was awful!!! my self-esteem really took a hit.

I remember a teacher saying to my face "you'd be really pretty if it weren't for those pimples"  can you imagine how that hurt!?! as if it wasn't already obvious to me!.

Oh and I had a really fat face. I was skinny but my face was round and I wore braces! Imagine that! well you don't have to- here's a studio pic of me wearing them(the studio edited the photo and used bright lights so my acne doesn't show but believe me they're there. I'm sorry but I don't have acne photos with me right now since I left them back in my hometown and these are all I got. Oh and did I mention that my older sister was the Prom Queen and had a lot of guys crushing on her!?! It really hurt when they kept comparing us two.

Uploading my old ugly photos so you don't need to google them. I don't care :p My responsibility is to my readers out there who need to hear my message.

Beauty(Ina Raymundo- a local celebrity) and the dark-skinned boy/girl!?! I was pretty active before and quite a tomboy. Believe it or not I played outdoors and stayed under the sun for long periods of time! hence the dark color. I got my natural skintone back during HS when I stopped playing outdoors and stayed out of the sunlight.

Check out this "baduy probinsyana" (tacky country hick)in communion attire.

The point of my rambling is that we all feel really ugly sometimes and we all go through a really awkward phase IT'S NORMAL!!! But I also know firsthand how difficult it is to go through are not alone! Writing all this down now brings me to tears remembering how mean and shallow some people can be (and still are apparently :s ) 

Me(2nd yr college) lost the acne but still fatty face.

If someone out there feels this way right now...don't be too hard on yourself and don't pay attention to those meanies.

It will get better. You just have to take care of yourself more, find good people who will support and love you for who you are and really make an effort on improving yourself(I did!)


If you're lucky and you were always beautiful then try to take it easy on us who aren't!!!

If you're unlucky and was born unattractive...please take a look at the mirror before making fun of others ok!!!

Don't be too judgemental. It is really hard to live in a world where people are scrutinized heavily on outward appearances. We all feel insecure in our own little ways, it doesn't help if we take them out on other people. It just makes it worse(and makes you look bad).

I admit I am no natural beauty. I stay out of the sun, I use a lot of skincare products, supplements and treatments. I have to make an effort to fix my hair and makeup when I go out or take my photos. I'm sorry to shatter your illusion but it is what it is- but I am proud of how I look now!!!

It took me a really long time to get to this healthy perspective but here I am and you can get there too!!! I am here to support you in your quest for beauty!!!

I hope this reaches someone who needed to hear this today!!! xx
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