Friday, April 5

Ulzzang Eyebrows, Spring haul and some Random Brain Farts

THIS is what I normally look like without the circle lenses, false eyelashes, wig and dolly Gyaru makeup. I guess you can call this my Sorta-Ulzzang-lazy-as-fuck-I-don't-feel-like-doing-Gyaru-makeup-today-look hahaha! (Are my eyebrows straight and arch-less enough? ) As you can see, my roots have grown to epic proportions but I am laying off the bleach for about 2 months before I subject my hair and scalp again to some peroxide torture. Expect to see me wearing my wig more often! lol
In case you missed the memo, Ulzzang/Arch-less eyebrows are IN this season. Even Gyaru magazines have followed suit although Gyaru eyebrows have a longer width and are thinner than the Ulzzang style. If you have a round face shape, I would recommend keeping them thinner to balance it out  I personally love this trend since it can soften the features and make you look more youthful, I've been sporting this style since late October but I haven't quite perfected them at the time. The makeup trainer where I used to work told us about it when she got back from Korea ;) Use an eyebrow shaver to copy this look (I do not recommend tweezing/waxing bec your hair might not grow back)

Since it is Spring or should I say Summer season here in the tropics, I decided to purchase some pastel/light colored shiz to keep up with the season's trends (As if I really follow them lol!) What I'm really dying to buy is the whole Murua collection but I'm too lazy to get a real job and subject myself to corporate routine torture so I make do with the money I have. 

Press on or should I say Glue-on Deco Nails! Yay! I tried growing my real ones but it's torture and I ended up breaking one anyway..booo!!! (I'm giving away the pink one on the left if you're interested, more details below!)

New Dolly Wink Lashes #1 Dolly Sweet. I know, I've said this a thousand times before but I just really love Dolly Wink, for me they're like Pokemon.... (hehehe sorry corny joke!) :p 

I felt pretty lost and stuck for awhile. I'm very happy to be back on my feet again and to have a sense of purpose/direction. Tbh too much freedom can wreck havock on your sanity and peace of mind. I read Murakami for a couple of weeks and ended up with a sudden existential crisis! hahaha!

And how was your week? :)

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Let's do this!