Mar 25, 2013

Pinkoolaid's Doll Starter-Kit Blog Giveaway!!!

I would like to thank my readers for all the support you have given me and this blog. I understand that some/ most of you are into gyaru makeup and beauty products but not everyone has access to certain brands in your area. I have put together these items to serve as a starter-kit for those who want to try Gyaru makeup/anyone who wants to pull-off that dolly Gyaru look :) 
 This giveaway is open INTERNATIONALLY!

Don't forget! You may tweet once a day for more entries and to increase your chances of winning!!! 

Here are the beauty goodies up for grabs! 

New pair of  my fave Otona Style lashes (Photos here) 
8 Pairs criss cross type lower lashes (Dolly Wink no. 12 dupe)

BB Cream!

BB Cream enhancer- (2-3 parts bb cream + 1 part of this) 

Deco Nail Set

Japanese Lower lashes

BB Concealer

Diamond Cat Sticker 
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Pls. READ and FOLLOW the rules publicly, I will disqualify entries that cannot be verified so make sure posts, tweets and follows are viewable/public.
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Don't forget! You may tweet once a day for more entries and to increase your chances of winning ;) 

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Take care! and Stay Pretty! xx


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