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Gyaru Philippines - Some things to consider

Akane, Yapo and Meoki
Gyaru fashion and makeup has long been popular and accepted in most parts of Asia and in some parts around the world. In the Philippines however, it is still not AS popular and can often be mistaken as a form of Cosplay (much to my chagrin) or confused with Ulzzang. Aside from their country of origin, Gyaru and Ulzzang are two completely different styles.

Anz Falcon - a famous Filipina blogger from  the US

Smart and Beautiful Akane <3

Gyaru is a very attractive lifestyle/fashion choice since it can transform a person from a regular/run-of-the-mill Jane into a doe/cat- eyed Barbie.

Yapo! My inspiration <3 Her blog got me into Gyaru 

Before you hop into the Gyaru bandwagon though! Here are some things to consider to prepare yourself for the road ahead ;)
  1. Budget- Gyaru fashion and makeup is expensive. Blonde/colored hair is costly to maintain. With the clothes you can improvise a bit or purchase from local stores, thrift shops or sites such as Taobao and Rakuten (you need to use a shopping service for these). I suggest investing on quality makeup especially on the lashes. Unless you're going for the Yamanba/Ganguro look -invest in a good pair of lower lashes ;) 
  2. Time and Patience- Hair, Makeup, Nails, Lashes and dressing up takes a lot of time and effort! Not to mention dealing with the ignorant masses and people calling you Lady Gaga or whatever name they can come up with. If you do not have much to spare...think twice! 
  3. Skin color and features- What works for some may not necessarily look good on you. Take note of your skin color, features and practice in front of a mirror to find a look that suits you best. Having tanned/dark skin is actually not much of a hindrance when you do Gyaru. Gyarus in Japan actually look fabulous with tanned skin! Own it! as opposed to covering it up with foundation shades lighter than your natural skin tone. 
  4. Local Trolls- They would often say that you are not Gyaru enough. Pinoy crab mentality at it's finest. Just do your best and ignore them.
  5. Foreign Trolls- They would often say that you are not Gyaru enough. They are the experts about everything Gyaru and tend to stick to very rigid/antiquated styles and rules of Gyaru fashion and makeup- again just do your best and ignore.
  6. Attitude- Girl-world is rifled with too much insecurity, jealousy and animosity...don't add to it by trolling/stepping on people just to feel good about yourself. Always treat others the way you want to be treated. That being said, you need to watch your back also (I learned this lesson the hard way) not everyone has the same intentions as you. 
  7. The Locals- You better get used to being stared-at, name-calling and being criticized for how you look because the Philippines masses are not that used to the whole getup yet. 
  8. Confidence- Fixing up in a different manner from the norm can be daunting. You will need a lot of this to go with your look! ;) 

With these in mind, if you've got an open mind, patience and a never-say-die attitude then you should try Gyaru style! ;) It's fun and fabulous! I'll try to post more tips/tricks etc. next time!

Now work it girl! ;)

*Disclaimer- Just because I wrote this does not mean I am an "expert"/ Gyaru or whatever.  I am just very fond of Gyaru makeup and fashion. This is for the benefit of the girls who are curious/interested. The pictures used here are from my friends for illustrative purposes...their styles have evolved over time and are not limited to Gyaru anymore.

Follow their blogs:here: Anz, Yapo, Meoki <3

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Hope this helps! xx