Tuesday, April 23

Momoko Ogihara and Murua Spring/Summer Collection 2013 aka shiz I want to buy

I'm actually torn between Mode and Sweet/Casual style Gyaru all the time. Mode is more applicable if you have a corporate job like when I did Marketing and PR for a cosmetics brand. I can't seem to let go of the dolly/cutesy look though! Oh well! I must eventually evolve to pure Mode since it is the go-to look for older gals hehehe!

Anyhoo aside from Sayoko, Momoko is another one of my Mode Gyaru crushes! She is sooo gorgeous and I love her cool chic vibe. I love her hair, her clothes and makeup! <3

I love Murua! I wish they would open a store in here the Philippines 'coz shopping services suck. But then again, everybody would be wearing their clothes and that would take away the novelty of owning Japanese brand clothes lol!

Most if not all photos are nabbed from her Instagram, ameblo, twitter account and the Murua Japanese webstore.

I am currently digging their SS13 collection!

The Murua Staff look so gorgeous! I love how they pull off the dark root trend so well!

With regards to hairstyle I want Momoko's haircut and color and then eventually I want to grow out my roots and copy Murua's PR person Asami. Lately I've been so obsessed with these duo!

Asami's current nails <3 

Not Murua/ a Gyaru brand but I want these Jeffrey Campbell shoes soo bad! The inventory at SM Makati sucks!

That's all folks! 

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