Thursday, September 15

Mode gyaru shoot

I wanted to showcase the sophisticated and mature side of Gyaru fashion which is called Mode. Hence this is my attempt at Mode Gyaru.

I don't really consider myself a Gyaru expert so all you trolls and Gyaru know-it-alls can move along now!

I just really appreciate asian style- Gyaru most of all and I would like to let people know more about it.

Mohdo (mode)モード - The Japanese term for “high fashion” — with the emphasis on challenging designer brands and not casual wear or traditional. From the French “mode.” -source

For additonal info about Mode gyaru look check my previous post about it here and here

  More pics below!


No heat styling required! I just used rollers on my bangs and shine serum on the lower dry parts of my hair.

Many thanks to my friend Matt!!! who took these amazing photos! Yep he's single! if any of you gals are interested! ;)

I'll post a makeup tutorial on this look some other time. I had a really fun but tiring day, it was nice catching up with one of my bestest friends in the whole wide universe!

Oh and the publishing firm I really wanted to get into called me! I have an interview with the editor on wednesday :) Wish me luck!!! I really really WANT and NEED this job! It's perfect for someone like me!

My radio guesting/interview will be on Tuesday 8am Philippine time (UTC/GMT +8 hours) on The wakeup show with Vince and Tracey Mellow 94.7
 Catch me and fellow bloggers Lynne and Mar take the airwaves by storm! =p

My bf is sick so I havta take care of him now! Byeee!!!

Stay fabulous!!! xx