Friday, April 20

My Gyaru Barbie transformation

Hello everyone! This post is meant to show everyone that I don't always look as perfect as some of my pictures. I don't want to mislead anyone to think that I have insanely huge doll-like eyes. Nope! it's all circle lenses and gyaru makeup peeps! I just don't want to disappoint anyone when they see me in person without gyaru makeup.
This is how I look like without lower eyelashes and circle lenses!

 This is how I look like with bluish grey circle lenses(Puffy 3 tones grey), false eyelashes (upper and lower)

See the huge difference!?!

It just goes to show that with alot of hard work. You can always improve how you look!(Yes putting on falsies is fucking hard work! And circle lenses are a bitch!)

 Big dolly eyes!

I really hate people who diss girls who wear makeup to better themselves. Those people are usually not so very good looking themselves actually. Not everyone is lucky enough to be born naturally drop dead gorgeous and I don't think there is anything wrong with owning up to your insecurities and improving on your looks. Just don't go too far and end up looking like some plastic surgery alien duck!

That's all! xx  I Hope I made someone  feel better today! :)