Monday, April 23

Mega 20 Most Stylish Event

Last week me and Anita attended the Mega 20 most stylish party at Shang for work (I do Marketing and PR for a cosmetics brand).

Incriminating phots of Anita drinking! LOL


Anita's outfit shot

Bathroom camwhore

It's Tweetie!!! I grew up watching her in Okay Ka Fairy Ko! :) 

Amina Aranaz (Blurry zoom shot)

Camille Co! I super love her! We were too shy to approach her for a pic later on

Sorry for the blurry shots!

Model Danica Magpantay

Giddy! Super fangirl mode!

Camwhoring in the bathroom again! LOL!

The dresscode was "Global Chic" I wore a tangerine colored dress with a cape and shoulder pads. I was channeling an opulent 70's jetsetter vibe.

It was definitely one of those nights where I am grateful for the perks of my job!

That's all folks! xx