Saturday, April 28

Living Barbie Doll...Plastic Fantastic!

I was really shocked and deeply fascinated by Valeria Lukyanova who underwent numerous surgeries to look like Barbie. To be honest her face looks very pretty but I found her figure really disturbing. Removing 1 or two ribs is very painful not to mention the other cosmetic procedures she must have gone through at such a young age (21!?!)

To be honest, who wouldn't want to look like Barbie or a doll for that matter. I myself aspire to look more dolly with Gyaru makeup but I don't think I would go as far as numerous procedures look like someone else. I find no harm in improving one's looks just as long as you're not hurting anyone(but yourself maybe? lol) If I were to get undergo cosmetic procedure I would probably add 2 cup sizes to my tiny asian boobies! LOL!

Makeup and circle lenses are the way to go for me though. On that note I decided to play around with photoshop and gif maker to see what I would look like if I altered my nose and made refined some features like Valerie's. Pretty creepy to be honest.

GIF Plastic version of me

These images were taken from my previous posts here, here and here

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